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Account Action Required

Account Action Required notifications and unexpected sign out issues reported at Gmail Help Forum by Crystal Cee who stated that “We’ve gotten reports about some users being signed out of their accounts unexpectedly. We’re investigating, but not to worry: there is no indication that this is connected to any phishing or account security threats.”

What happened?

During routine maintenance [from 1pm to midnight PST yesterday], a number of users were signed-out from their Google accounts. This may have resulted in you being signed out of your account or seeing a notification about “A change in your Google account” or “Account Action Required.”

We hear your concerns that this appeared to potentially be phishing or another type of security issue. We can assure you that the security of your account was never in danger as a result of this issue. You can always learn more about the Security tools Google provides at

What should I do now?

First, try signing back in with your usual username and password at If you can’t remember your password or can’t sign in for another reason, recover your account here:

Thanks again and if you’re experiencing issues outside of what’s described here, please create a New Post for further assistance.


Crystal Cee

Gmail Community Manager