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Password Defender Pro SHIELDS Your Google Account Password From Threats

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Password Defender Pro is a Real Time Password Alert subscription that defends you from Hackers and Phishing Attacks around while you surf the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Great idea right?

Password Defender Pro includes live real time password alerts that helps protect against phishing attacks. If you enter your Google Account password or Google for Work password into anywhere other than Google's sign-in page, you’ll receive an alert, so you can quickly change your password if needed. Password Alert also checks each page you visit to see if it's impersonating Google's sign-in page, and alerts you if so.

Subscribers also receive our free bonus report "the ultimate blueprint to protecting your Google Password" plus 6 FREE additional password protection downloads, for the ultimate Google account password protection.


Watch the video now to discover how hackers attempt to steal your Google password using sophisticated phishing techniques. Download this free software now to be assured that you are always logging in to the authentic Google Login Page.

  • Defends your Google account from hackers by defending you from phishing attacks.
  • If your Gmail is hacked then all of your Google accounts are vulnerable.
  • Get alerted if your Google password is exposed to a non-Google page.