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Logout of Outlook Now.  How to Sign Out of Outlook.com on Desktop.  First, Open your web browser and navigate to Outlook.com.  Next, click on your name or picture located in the…

Gmail for small business

Business have many things to worry about, email should be one of them. Google through Gmail is trying to take care of that. Here are the benefits for small business owners to use Gmail as their email platform.

iOS email users are about to get a new choice in the field through the EasilyDo App. EasilyDo is a super charged email app. See all the features included in the email program.

CardDav is the latest tool that is offering users the ability to sync Google Contacts with iOS users. Learn how to Sync your Google Contacts if you have an iPhone.

Gmail Labels Laptop

Gmail has a little used feature called Labels. While not many people use, they are very effective in helping utilize Gmail more effectively. Learn more about Gmail’s Hidden Labels here.

Gmail Smart Reply

Gmail’s latest feature allows it to respond to an email with a set of written response that you can select. Learn how to enable the smart reply feature

Gmail phone logo

As hackers evolve and change their methods, so does the security needs of companies. Google through its Gmail platform are not different. Read here about the latest security updates Google implemented for Gmail.

Google is well known for the fact that they take April Fool’s Day really, really seriously. Google love to prank their users on the 1ST April, and in the past…

One concern business have big or small is the loss of data. Now Google through its Gmail email service may have a solution for businesses. Read more about Gmail data loss prevention setting for businesses.

Email Service

Gmail now allows you to export some of their best features such as their spam filtering to other email providers such as yahoo and outlook. Learn how to apply these features to your non-gmail accounts here.

Cyber Security

Online security is a huge concern, both for companies and the end users. Google is taking a setup forward with its unsecure email notification. Gmail will alert you if you received an email through an unsecured network. Learn more here.

Gmail keeps evolving and improving and one of the latest features is the ability to create a custom auto response message to he emails you receive depending on the topic of the email. Learn more about Gmail’s autorespond feature.

When it comes to accessing email on your mobile phone, which is the better choice: Gmail 5.0, or Inbox? Google’s overhauled Gmail 5.0 to allow users to check their Exchange…

Google Voice

Google Voice is an excellent service that has a number of impressive advantages for businesses and casual users. In case you somehow missed it, this is a service from Google…

Email Bill Pay

Paying your bills might get a whole lot easier if Google’s Pony Express project launches. Rumor has it that the company is working on a new project that would make…

Technology has enabled users, like you, to communicate with others through many different forms and means. One of the most common way of doing so is through e-mail exchanges. Through…


There are many email providers out there, but few can compete with Gmail. Powered by one of the most recognized names in the world, Google’s email service offers a multitude…

In early October, Google released an updated version of its app to include a convenient bill reminder feature. The new and improved Google Search (iOS) and Google Now apps will…