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How to Listen to Podcasts on Android

For every one of us, there would be a different list of the best android apps of the year, which can include figures of 15 or 20. Nevertheless, we have tried to list down the 10 best android apps which made their way to the limitless number of android smartphones. These applications have become the hot picks not just because they trended, but their usability and functionality yielded greater user experience and results.

With these basic android apps, you can tackle every aspect of your life like a pro. But, just a head’s up. This list of 10 best android apps doesn’t contain any sort of games, we know it’s hard for you to swallow, but there is an endless variety of games that has been rolled out in 2016 and we couldn’t just sum them up in this list. If you haven’t downloaded each one of them, it’s high time you should integrate them into your lives.

10 Best Android Apps of the year

Let’s walk you through the list of 10 best android apps…


Comics app brings a relief to the comic fans out there. Not many of us liked the idea of purchasing comic books or catalogs from the stores as it was tantamount to living in the old era. With comics app, you can make in-app purchases and get access to impressive catalogs with just a tap of your finger. New or old, comics app get you access to every version of your favorite comic book. You must be thinking, life can’t get more fun and easy.

2. Evernote

Note taking can’t get this much easier when you have Evernote as your digital organizer or management tool. You have every multimedia tool packaged into it. You just name it – to-do list, voice recorder, note taker, files manager and formatting tool – and you get it. Isn’t it cool? You are no more missing out on anything, be it your meetings, hangouts, chores or any useful information, because you now have one of the smartest management tools in your hands.  If you are an android user, your life is incomplete, I say Incomplete, without using the Evernote and 10 best android apps.

3. Feedly

If you are looking out to tone down the clutter of the blogosphere and just get enlightened over the latest news or blogs of a versatile range, then you should download Feedly in a jiffy. Feedly lets you search, organize or bookmark your favorite publications or podcasts in a form of collections, and lets you read your favorite ones in one place. Your need to stay connected to new sites and blog no more hangs in the air, Feedly doesn’t only let you discover news but also allows you to share the news with your community over a myriad of social media channels.

4. Google Drive

ogle drive is a name no new to anyone as it has become the super cool cloud storage service that makes life and work more manageable. We know you have been making presentations, word documents or spreadsheets offline, but Google drive enables you to make presentations, create word documents or spreadsheets online, which is an excellent tool for team collaboration no matter how remotely it is. For most of your work life, it’s the survival kit that comes in handy almost every other hour you spend at your offices.

5. Inbox by Gmail

Gmail is the favorite email platform for many, it has become a lifeline. It’s definitely not the invention for the year 2016, the reason it’s in the list of 10 best android apps is that its functionality became seamless this year. Not a single human being in this world would be living without it, that’s for sure. But how about, learning about its newest capabilities and advanced features? It’s a must do if you think you are missing out on anything.

6. LastPass

Raise your hands if you keep forgetting your passwords so much so that you just settle down into keeping a simple password for everything. That’s crazy but helps you stay ground. But, you don’t have to do that anymore when you have the Last Pass.   This password manager generates unique and complex passwords for a number of sites that you use, and automatically fills in the password information whenever required. LastPass has also made bequeathing password official,  to a trustworthy person of course.

7. PicsArt Photo Studio

There are many photo editing apps out there in the market, but we chose PicsArt to be the best amongst them all for the 10 best android apps review. It comes with awesome photo tools, filters, and effects that you can’t stop yourself from trying every one of them. PicsArt Photo Studio has been in the digital sphere quite a long time now, and still no one gets tired of it. It works super cool with the social media and can offer great picture editing to the Instagram or facebook fanatics.

8. Pocket Casts

Not many of us hear podcasts every day, but the ones who do must be on cloud nine to get their hands on this amazing podcast players.  With pocket casts, you get to manage all your podcasts that too on multiple devices. And, what more would any podcast fan ask for if he/she has full control over the customizability of their podcasts.

9. Slacker Radio

Music can reach you from every corner of the world if you have slacker radio on your android. It’s a hub of huge music collections which can soothe the music taste of you all. Moreover, there are well-curated music categories, content, and playlists streamlined for all music genres and live radio stations.

10. SwiftKey Keyboard

If  the traditional keyboard inputs bore the hell out of you , try out Swiftkey keyboard.  For a change, it lets you can drag your thumb or finger on the alphabets to create words or to just give way to predictive texts.  This flow keyboard input makes it easy for you to send out messages along with experiencing the latest version with simplicity.

This has been an amazing year with its list of 10 best android apps; let’s see what next year brings for all of us android users.


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