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10 Tricks To Unleash Gmail

Gmail is the undisputed king of email these days, so here are 10 Tricks to unleash Gmail – and all its power.

10 Tricks to Unleash Gmail

Most people started using Gmail purely because of the high amount of capacity they offer. When Gmail launched with a 1 GB capacity, people thought it was a joke – Yahoo and Hotmail provided only 6 MB email inboxes at the time! Gmail changed the game and has been winning since. These days almost every email provider provides a GB of storage but Gmail is still better because of its many powerful features. Gmail is bursting with useful shortcuts and tools which will help you manage your email and your inbox. You don’t need to have a cluttered email inbox anymore – you can keep things automatically organized and more.

1. Start Using Filters

Filters aren’t only good for Instagram – the filters option provided by Gmail will make managing email an easy test. A filter is exactly what it sounds like – it allows you so store and sort emails by their contents of sender. Go to settings and then filters to create filters. When you create a filter, first you define what terms should be used to categorize the emails (it can be the sender, the subject, or any word in the email text). Next you tell Gmail which folder to put it in. The next time any email comes that matches the terms you mentioned, it will automatically go to the relevant folder, keeping your inbox clean and managed.

Reply and archive

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2. Reply and Archive

Archive is a great option which most people don’t use. Archiving an email means you are closing the thread – it no longer needs to be shown in your inbox but it isn’t deleted either. Go to settings, general, and then choose ‘show send and archive’ button. This way, when you reply to an email, you will be able to archive it as well which makes sense. If you’ve already replied to the email, you don’t need it in your inbox.

3. Use shortcuts

A lot of people ignore shortcuts – if you only check emails once a day then you can afford to ignore them but if you regularly use Gmail for work then you’re wasting serious time avoiding shortcuts. Simply press ‘Shift’ and the ‘?’ keys when you have Gmail open to see a list of all the useful shortcuts.

4. Use search filters

When you’re looking for a particular email sent to you ages ago, filters come in handy. You can use filters like ‘subject:’ or you can manually click the small arrow next to the search box for more options.

5. Use labels the right way

Labels can help you organize email as well as make your inbox look better. You will find labels when you go into settings. Pro tip: use the ‘show label only when there is unread email’ options for maximum efficiency. The labels which don’t have new emails will not be shown at all, which makes your inbox look much cleaner.

6. Use folders to dictate work

This is an option strictly for power users – if you deal with a lot of email then start organizing them in folders based on priority. You can use filters to, for example, put emails from upper management in the highest priority folder so you know what thing you need to work on before anything else.

7. Use canned emails for quick replies

You’ll be surprised at how many times we send the same email again and again. Gmail has an option to use canned responses – basically templates which can be loaded up with a single click. Go to settings, lab, and then canned responses. Create responses for emails you send a lot (things like acknowledgement emails) and you will be able to access all canned responses from the arrow to the right of the send button.

8. Don’t be annoyed by useless conversations

Some people just love adding recipients in emails. Often you’ll be trapped in a conversation you shouldn’t have been in the first place. You won’t need to reply but will get notifications all the time. A good way to deal with such email threads is to use the ‘mute’ option. You can reply when you want to or need to but you won’t be annoyed by notifications from the conversation anymore.

9. Use the ‘unsend’ option

We have all made this mistake – sometimes you click send only to realize too late that you are sending the email to the wrong person or you forgot to attach the file you were meant to send. Most of the time there is nothing that you can do about it except feeling a bit embarrassed. Gmail has a great ‘unsend’ option you’ll have to enable from settings. The option does a simple thing – it holds the email for 10-20 seconds after you press send and you get the option to cancel sending during this time. This small feature will end up saving you at times – trust us, we have often almost sent email that would have been bad for our business but this functions was there to save us.

10. Use the Google Drive to send files

Google Drive is a fantastic tool that many people ignore. While Gmail allows you to send emails of up to 20 MBs, receiving said emails can be a pain for some people. If you’re sending out the email to someone who is still stuck on Outlook, they are going to have a bad time. If you send it to multiple people within the company, it might even cause congestion on their email network. Upload the file to your Drive instead and send them the link. It will take them the same time to download except it will no longer be a burden on their system.

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