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3 Android Shortcuts To Get Things Done Fast

Let’s be honest; no matter how much lazy we are with our lives, we want our mobiles to do everything with the speed of light. If you are new to the android world, knowing a few android shortcuts is always handy.

3 Android Shortcuts To Get Things Done Fast

In this blog, we will tell you about different android shortcuts that you can use to do everyday tasks pretty easily. So, read on the blog and get to know some cool and handy android shortcuts that will make your life easy.

Android shortcuts

A Faster Way to ‘Settings’

If your phone screen is not locked, you can swipe down on the main screen to drop the list of notifications. On the top of notifications, you will see a list of small icons. The section where small icons appear is called ‘quick-settings’ section and rightly so because you can do stuff a lot quicker here. For example, to turn on the Wi-Fi, you don’t have to follow the normal long route through settings; just tap on the Wi-Fi icon to turn it on or off.

You can customize this section to place the android shortcuts of your own liking in the quick-settings section.

Get the Home Button With a Swipe

If you are using an app on your phone that uses the entire screen, the home button disappears. If you want to switch between the apps, you are left wondering where the home button has gone. Mostly, the home button appears when you tap the screen, but this is not always the case; it actually depends on the app you are running. For example, if you are running a video streaming app, the video will pause if you tap the screen.

Don’t worry if you find yourself in such a situation. There is an easy shortcut to bring back the home screen. Just sweep down the screen while the app is running on the full screen. You will see the three main buttons including the menu button on top of the screen. How easy was that? Just with a swipe, you can access the menu button if it is not visible.

Android Shortcut For Camera

While you might start thinking if you ever need a shortcut for the camera as there are dedicated buttons for it. But the android shortcut for the camera we are talking about is so cool that you will forget to use the button at all.

Through this shortcut, you can turn on the camera even if you are deeply busy in an app already. Just double press the power button and there you are; the camera will open right away regardless of how many other apps are open in the background.

This android shortcut stands out because the rival IOS doesn’t have a shortcut for the camera while the phone is unlocked. In iPhones, if you ever need a camera while using another app, you have to close that app first. Sounds very conventional and old!

If you are a new android user, we hope that the android shortcuts given above will be helpful to you. Using these shortcuts, you can do normal tasks that take a considerable amount of time quite quickly.

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