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3 Best Ways To Use External Images In Your Email Campaigns

The success of email campaigns depends highly on the content quality. The more personalized and engaging your emails are the more chances of conversions you have. The benefits of adding external images are many. For example, by adding dynamic images (images that change over time) you not only make the emails more personalized but also enhance the lifespan of your email campaign.

3 Best Ways To Use External Images In Your Email Campaigns

In this blog, we will tell you about the ways to use external images in your email campaigns for better performance.

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Adding Personalized Images To Recommend Products

Along with the regular email content, what you can do in your email campaigns is, use an online tool to know about the interests of your customers, and then, based on the customers’ preferences, recommend relevant products in the form of external images.  There are many tools that can help you in this regard; one of them is Fresh Relevance.

This tool provides you information about the specific product line or items that the customers have searched the most. Moreover, marketers who use this tool tell us that they have increased the sales by more than 10% through leveraging this tool.

Using Dynamic Images For More Personalization

As we told you, in the beginning, personalization of email campaigns is very important for better client experience. Personalized emails not only create more engagement but also lead to more conversions. The more personalized your email campaigns are, the better they will perform.

Adding dynamic images in your email campaigns give you more flexibility. You can use dynamic images in a lot of different ways to woo your subscribers. For example,  a ticking clock at the corner of your email or a local weather widget can make you stand out among the tons of other ones.

A countdown timer, for example, is a very big psychological push for your customers. Along with the attractive offer that you are talking about, the ticking timer just adds to the curiosity and urges them to take some action about it.

You can import dynamic images from third-party personalization tools such as live clicker, Clickdynamic, and Movable Inc.

 Third Party Advertising In Your Email Campaigns

Many marketers these days consider third party advertising as a direct source of revenue. Along with marketing your own product, you can allocate some space for the advertising tools in your emails.

Tools such as Google Adwords and LiveIntent add to the personalization feel in your email campaigns. In addition, some tools such as  LiveIntent use the demographic information of the subscribers and display relevant ads according to the subscribers’ location and interests.


The three ways discussed above should help you in realizing the potential of external images in enhancing the email campaigns. While personalized and targeted marketing is the key to success, external images enhance your personalization efforts in the email campaigns. Moreover, you can use third-party tools to import dynamic images and give your subscribers a more personalized feel.

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