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3 Easy Ways To Boost iPhone Display

Apple takes a lot of care to make iPhone display pleasing to the eyes. However, it is not necessary that everyone likes the default display settings that the iPhones come with. If you are one of those iPhone users who have that guilty feeling of disliking the text style or the structure of the buttons, we can understand you. But you don’t have to worry at all because Apple also knows about the behavior of its users and it has made arrangements to make those users happy who are not content with the default iPhone display quality.

3 Easy Ways To Boost iPhone Display

This blog is all about the ways in which you can boost the quality of iPhone display. You will be surprised to know about the variety of ways in which you can improve the quality of the text, images, and icons. The tips that we will give you here are valid for IOS and later.

iphone display

Make The Text Bigger

Size does matter when it comes to iPhone display. If the text of your iPhone seems too small for you to read easily, you don’t have to worry at all. All you have to do is know the settings that make the text bigger and make the iPhone display more convenient for you. Just go to settings and select display and brightness. There you will find a slider, dragging it to each side would change the text size. Choose the text size that seems easy to read for you and doesn’t put so much pressure on your eyes.

Make The Text Bold (and Beautiful)

Sometimes, only making the text large doesn’t fit the liking of the users. If you want your iPhone display to look bold and beautiful, there is an option for that. If you want to make the text on your phone bolder and more visible, follow the following settings.

Go to settings and select display and brightness option. In the display and brightness section, you will see a ‘Bold’ option. Turn that on and come out of the settings. To apply the settings, you will need to restart your phone. Once you restart your phone, you will see that not only the text of your phone is bold and darker in appearance, but the icons have also become more prominent.

Use The Virtual Magnifying Glass for Better iPhone Display

There are two types of zoom in the IOS. Either you can zoom the whole iPhone display, or you can select a certain portion of the screen and zoom it in or out according to your liking.

For the first type, i.e. zooming the whole display, go to the settings > general > accessibility > zoom. When you turn on the Zoom mode, you can zoom in and zoom out by double-tapping three fingers on the screen.

For the second type of zoom which only zooms a section of the screen, you need to go back to the zoom settings. There you will find a ‘Zoom Region’ option. Once you select that option, you will see a rectangular magnifying-glass-type region if you double-tap the screen.  You can resize the zoomed area according to your liking.

There you are; you have now learned three easy ways to boost your iPhone display. Get down with your phone now and start playing with the display settings!



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