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5 Android Apps That Are Gmail Alternatives

The great thing about Android is just how versatile and customizable it is. Don’t like the look of your homescreen? Then just replace it with a new one! Not blown away by the text messaging app? Then why not try something else instead?

The same goes for any other apps and services that come pre-loaded onto your device and if you want, you can even replace your firmware with stock Android or a customized ROM!

We’re not going to go that far though. For now, we’re just going to be looking at the Gmail app. A perfectly serviceable way to receive and send emails but perhaps not to everyone’s tastes. Let’s take a look at some alternative options!



The Outlook app from Microsoft is actually a very nice piece of software that looks great, runs smoothly and has a number of useful features. Of course Microsoft hopes you’ll use a Hotmail/Microsoft account with Outlook but actually you can just as easily use any other client if you wish. It has its own very pleasant chime and also arranges your inbox into ‘Focussed’ and ‘Other’ emails which works nicely. It can be a little buggy occasionally though.

Kale Interactive Wemail


Kale Interactive Wemail aims to help you reduce your ‘communication overhead’ by making things faster and easier for you. It smartly groups emails to shrink your inbox and provides easy access to your contacts and attachments. The card-like format isn’t going to be to everyone’s tastes but it’s worth checking out if you want to try something different.


Google Chrome logo

Of course if you want to, you can also go ahead and access your email client through your browser. Chrome is the best choice as it will log you into Gmail automatically and some email clients can even send you notifications through Chrome. If you want to keep your phone light, nippy and low on battery-drain, then using Chrome is a smart option.


Boxer Logo

Boxer is a cool email client that allows you to add multiple accounts by upgrading to the premium option. It’s a good competitor for the standard Gmail app and especially thanks to some advanced features such as Evernote integration, a to-do list and more.

There’s really nothing not to like about Boxer, except for the fact that it tries to get you to pay for what should really be a standard feature. If you’re the sort who is happy to spend a little on a good app though, then this is a good option.

Typeapp Type Mail

Typeapp Type Mail

TypeMail is another email client that tries to make your life easier. The app features navigation along the bottom and quick filters at the top, all of which helps you to navigate your way around your accounts a little easier. The only problem is that it can be somewhat slow and especially when transitioning from one screen to another.

What is a nice feature though, is the option to use customizable themes and to change the way the app looks. This is especially nice if you’re someone who has understandably grown tired of the not-so-pretty red and white colorscheme of the standard Gmail app. Definitely an option to consider, though it is a little more cluttered and occasionally slow as compared with other options on this list.

So there you have it, five new apps to try receiving your email with! And once you’ve done that, how about trying out some different apps for your messaging and even your browser? Textra is a particularly beautiful material design option for SM that can give your phone a clean look!

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