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7 Things To Do If You Want To Tighten Up Your Gmail Security

If you want to improve and tighten up the gmail security of your Google Account, then look into doing these seven things.

Gmail Security Tip #1. 2 Step Verification

Accounts are now being hacked and stolen which makes two factor authentication a necessity. Account theft with Google has now reached alarming levels and if you are still using 1 step authentication for your account, then you are at risk. In case you are not familiar with what 2 step authentication is, I will describe it in layman’s terms.

It’s just a step you can take to add an extra layer of security to your account by requiring a code to be sent to your phone every time you try to login via a new device. This process makes it impossible for any hacker to access your Google account.

Gmail Security Tip #2. Enable HTTPS

Having HTTPS enabled is a must when accessing your account from a public access point. When you are using HTTPS, all the information you will use online would be secure which means no one can spy on your activity on a particular site. This means hackers won’t be able to pry and steal your login details which may ultimately give them access to your account.

If you want to turn on the HTTPS feature for Google, just start by going to your settings via the big gear icon, then look for the tab labelled browser connection under the General tab. Check the box titled Always use https. Besides that, you have to make sure you log out of your Google Account every time you use it in a public space.

Gmail Security Tip #3. Check Granted Account Access.

If at any point you experience suspicious activity on your Google Account, then make it a point to check your granted account access settings as these can give you more insight regarding what might be happening. When a hacker cracks your Google Account, they first thing they do is to add their own fake email account besides your Google one as this makes future access easier.

To see and remove such an account, you have to check the granted future access tab to see if there is any added account you did not allow yourself to access your Gmail. Besides granted future access, in your Google Maibox settings, there is also a feature that will instruct Gmail to mark all emails as read when opened by someone else. That feature should be turned on as it will enable you to see if someone else is reading your emails and spying on your privacy.

Gmail Security Tip #4 Filters, forwarding and Imap

There are filters that can be added to your account to help combat things like Spam, etc. These filters can seem good but they sometimes can be bad for you. How? There are several people who’ve had backdoors opened in their accounts after installing a remarkable filter. It’s often terrible if you ask me. Filters in addition to preventing you from receiving some types of emails have the potential to actually transfer emails.

To deal with filters, the first step is to periodically check your Gmail box for suspicious filters and delete them whenever you come across them.To deal with filters, you have to visit the settings tab. And while doing that, check who where your emails are being forwarded.

Gmail Security Tip #5 Revoke all unauthorized access

The ability to log into some web apps via your most popular sites like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Linkedin etc has made life simple for lazy people like us. Although it’s convenient, the convenience comes with a security risk on its own. When you grant an app access to your account, you also give it permission to act as you in some specific instances. Before you give any website access, you have to make sure that the website is reputable. You can’t access to a website whose reputation is questionable because you might be giving hackers access. This is a serious security hole. To fix this and check some of the sites with access to your account, you should start by visiting and then and click on security checkup on the front page. Everything should be simple from there.

gmail security

Gmail Security Tip #6. Account activity

Google gives you a brief on what your account is doing. You should look at your account activity. At one point, I used a hacked account for almost a year, it was messed up. It was only when I checked into the activity of the account I figured out that the account was hacked because on that day, I hadn’t opened or used any Google Services. I took steps to fix it including changing all my online passwords. These days, I don’t joke around when it comes to the security of my online activity.

Gmail Security Tip #7. Security Plugins

The best thing about Gmail and Google is its open-mindedness towards third party developers. There are some useful plugins you can find on both the Playstore and the Chromestore that you can use to improve the security of your account. These plugins are especially useful against spammers and phishers who try to trick into releasing your information when you will browse online. If you want recommendations of the best plugins you can use to get this done, then I’d say work with one called Web of Trust or WOT or another one referred to as Betterprivacy. BetterPrivacy is useful in fighting cookies.

In conclusion, this is only a piece of a large cake. I know there are other ways you can use to enhance your account’s security. If you know of any more, please share them with us.


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