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Steps To Use Google Calendar Better

Google Calendar is the best calendar app on the web that comes with a lot of useful features that will help improve your productivity. Here are 9 little known Google Calendar features to help you be more productive.

1. New Calendars for different things

One thing that is vital if you want to be more productive is the ability to separate your personal life from your professional life. Besides that, if you are someone who is always engaged in not for profit work including religious related activities, you should also separate that from your other lives. Google calendar gives you a way to separate this by enabling you to create a new calendar for every different part of your life which is convenient and a boost to your overall productivity.

google calendar

2. Group meeting Scheduling

When managing your calendar, one of the toughest things you will ever have to do is to schedule meeting with a lot of people who are always busy. Scanning your calendars and trying to figure out when you are all available and free is difficult on its own. Google Calendar makes this much easier for you. There is a find a time feature that will suggest meeting times depending on when you will all be free. To use this feature, the first thing you must do is to add all involved parties to the event and then just click on the suggested times tab. You will be given the time suggestions on when you can meet when you’ll all be free.

3.  Google Hangout Meetings

Face to face meetings are frustrating, costly and time consuming. Imagine having to travel 30 miles across town for a 30 minute meeting in a costly hotel. The time spent travelling and the money spent in booking a hotel could have been cut by over 3 quarters if the meeting was to be done via Google Hangouts. When setting up an event in Google Calendar, you could use the ‘add a video’ feature which will prompt Google to setup a hangout that all the attendees of the event will have to use.

4. Easy to add attachments

This is a point I love saying for Google’s apps and services. They are all cloud based which makes them convenient and makes your data more secure and accessible. If you want to add a meeting event to your Google Calendar in will you will need to use documents as references during the meeting, you could just upload those documents as attachments when setting up the event. The best thing is that once you upload the Document, all added attendees to the event will be granted access to that particular document which means they will be able to access it before the meeting which makes it easy for them to be up to speed on all the data and information.

5. Setting up a World Clock

You might have remote teammates halfway across the world and want to set up a meeting with them. Setting up an appropriate time convenient for all of you can be hard as times zones differ. The world clock tool offered by Google Calendar makes this much easier. The tool will enable you to see the time in other time zones which means you will see both your time and that of the person you want to communicate with when setting up and event.

6. Email Event Guests

Imagine having to setup an event in your calendar and having to switch to your mailbox to email inviting a guest every time you add them to that event. Laborious, isn’t it? And yes, it is also unproductive. Well with Google Calendar, you can email all of your invited Guests with just the click of a single button which simplifies everything for you.

7. Add Meeting Locations

You are setting up a meeting with someone over the phone and after you a done with the details, you agree on a location like Starbucks. The only problem here is you might end up confusing yourselves as there are a lot of Starbuck cafes around and just saying Starbucks is just too conventional. When setting up meetings, you need to do all your can to ensure that things go smoothly and that means being specific for meeting addresses. When you set up a meeting in Google Calendar, there is a where box you can use to set up the specific address of the meeting place. Sometimes where you aren’t sure of the address, you can just use the pointer on the map and it will bring up the address of the pointed place.


8. Appointment Slots

This is an ideal feature for people who either work as part time consultants or business leaders who are often busy. If you are available at different set times during the day or week, you can carve out those times from your calendar and share them with your clients and employees so they can set times to meet up with you. This means, they will be able to only view a predefined part of your calendar without having to know how all your schedule goes.

9. Share your calendars with others

This is by far one of the most useful features of Google Calendars. You can make your calendar public and share the link with people of interest so they always know when or not to disturb you. This feature is also helpful as it gives your clients (both current and future) an overview of how busy you are at any particular time. To share the calendar, you just need to go on your sharing settings and choose the option to make your calendar public. A link will appear that you can use for sharing the calendar.

Lastly, to use Google Calendar, just visit from your browser or download the application from the Appstore and you will be good to go.

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