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WANT to turn those annoying Google nudges off? You’re not alone – and we know how to do it.

The frustrating feature reminds you about an email when a reply hasn’t been sent, which is digital pestering at its finest.

How to turn off Gmail nudge on Gmail

First, navigate to the official Gmail website –

You’ll find a section called Nudges: from there, uncheck “Suggest emails to reply to”.

This will stop Gmail reminding you about messages that you haven’t answered.

But you’ll also need to uncheck “Suggest emails to follow up on”, to stop Google suggesting messages that your recipient hasn’t answered.

In a previous post, we talked about certain hidden features in your Android Gmail app that we don’t usually know. This post is the second in series; we will talk about a couple of more Android Gmail tips and tricks that help the users get the most out of their Android Gmail app.

Customize Email Notifications in your Android Gmail

This is one the Android Gmail features that you will love if you are sick of your Gmail notifications. Notifications are important; but if get tons of emails every day, email notifications can get annoying. They not only hamper your peace of mind all day but also distract you from all the important work in your office.

This feature comes as an option in your Android Gmail account settings.  If activated, this feature uses artificial intelligence to decide which emails are important for you and then sends you notifications for the important emails only.

You can activate this feature by going to your Android Gmail account Settings and then selecting Notifications and then choosing high priority only option.

There is another way of customizing and filtering your email notifications. If in your daily work schedule, you get emails from high priority contacts, and you don’t any other emails to be distracted from, you can set your own priority settings.

To set your own filtering rules, you can allow notification from a certain email address or a domain name, or for those emails that contain specific words in their email subject line or body.

Using either feature frees you from a lot of unnecessary noise and distraction in the form of email notifications.

Disable ‘Nudge’ Feature

Gmail users must be aware of the Nudge feature that ‘nudges’ its users to follow up on an email that was sent but received no response or respond to an unattended email.  While the feature may be useful to some users, many other users, who have to deal with so many emails every day, probably don’t need this feature. And if they get ‘nudged’ for every other email, the situation can get annoying.

For such users there is very good news; you can disable the Nudge feature in your Gmail account.

To disable the Nudge feature:

  • Go to your Android Gmail app Settings and Select Google account
  • Scroll down the menu to find the Reply and follow up option and tap on it
  • You will see two checked options that read ‘Suggest emails to reply to’ and ‘Suggest emails to follow up on’; uncheck both options
  • This will deactivate the Nudge feature in your Android Gmail account

Stop Promotions tab from changing the order of your Inbox

Android Gmail

The Promotion tab in your Gmail inbox is a very useful tab that keeps all the promotional messages separate from your primary emails. But there is a problem with this tab too; whenever it receives a high priority promotion, it sneaks into your inbox; and also changes the order of emails in your inbox.

To stop the Promotions tab from changing the order of your inbox, follow these settings.

  • Go to your Android Gmail app Settings and select your Google account
  • Tap on your Gmail address and then select Inbox categories
  • Scroll to the bottom of the next screen and find the option that says ‘Enable bundling of top email?’ Uncheck this option.
  • Your Promotions tab won’t be able to change the order of your inbox from now on

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