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AOL Mail Login: AOL Features, Sign up, and Login Information

AOL mail is an email service offered by American Online, a media company based in America. Although there are already some well-established email service providers in the market such as Gmail and Yahoo, but AOL has done enough homework before launching this new mail service and provides a wide range of distinct and attractive features that make it quite a sellable product in the online world. The AOL mail login and sign up procedure is almost same as that of other email service providers.

AOL Mail Login: AOL Features, Sign up, and Login Information

AOL mail login

If you want to try this new email service, this blog will help you in AOL mail sign up and AOL mail login.  But before we talk about the AOL mail Login and sign up procedures, let tell you about the distinctive features that make this email service stand apart from its competitors in the market.

AOL Mail Login Features

A single blog is not enough to explain every feature in details. However, for your quick reference, here are some salient features of the AOL Mail service in the bullets.

  • AOL email service provides unlimited email storage capacity. This gives AOL an obvious upper hand over its competitors who offer only a limited amount of email space.
  • The attachments can be up to 25 MBs, which is also more than what competitors offer.
  • Email un-send service: The name says it all! You can un-send any email you sent unintentionally and save yourself from the embarrassment by availing this useful feature.
  • You can easily attach other email service providers with AOL.
  • Better spam filtering and protection systems.
  • Better security systems; fool proof safety of the user data.
  • AOL instant messenger to chat with friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances.
  • Advanced virus protection system
  • Highly accurate spell checker.

These are just some of the main features of the AOL Mail. If you are excited enough to try it out, you should know how to sign up and log in to your AOL Mail account. In the next section, we will tell you all the steps involved in AOL Mail login and signup.

AOL Mail Login and Sign up

AOL mail’s sign up procedure is pretty easy and quite similar to the other email service providers.  Open any browser on your PC and type the link  A page will open where you will have to fill the required information including your full name, date of birth, the email address that you want to keep, etc. An important thing, which again, is also there on the other email service sites, is to select a security question. To ensure better security, choose a good security question and remember the answer. As soon as you fill out all the information, you will receive the verification email or code on your mobile number.


AOL mail login is very easy, go to the site and enter your username and password in the specified sections.

And there you are; now you have one of most secure and feature-rich email service at your disposal.  So what are you thinking? Go get an email account an email now.







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