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Gmail Apps that are better for using Gmail than the Gmail app

Most of us just use the default Gmail Apps for our services. That is why on most phones, especially if it is an android phone, the app you will find Gmail users using is Gmail. The Gmail apps are  not bad by any measure. It is a solid app with a great user interface and it works blazingly fast as well. We don’t have any complaints about the app, however there are a lot of features it doesn’t have which other do apps have.

Gmail Apps

The reason it doesn’t have these apps isn’t that Google is lazy or stupid. The reason is that Google had to make Gmail apps that would serve every Gmail user properly. You and us are power users – we use Gmail a lot and thus we want a lot of features from it. The problem is that if they add too many features to the app then it becomes hard to use for people who just want a simple app.

This is something you need to keep in mind whenever you are judging an app or gadget made for the general population. There are many people who do not have a good grasp on technology. These people still need to be able to use technology. Thus apps are simplified to allow everyone to use them.

Gmail had to make the official app this way because it is meant to be used by everyone. If your needs aren’t served by it then do not worry. You don’t have to depend on the default Gmail apps to access Gmail. You can get all the features and improvements you want through other apps. One good thing about Gmail is that it is quite open. They haven’t restricted it to the official app only. Instead there are numerous apps which you can use.

Many of these apps have complicated features and improvements. Since they did not have to serve everyone, they chose power users as their niche. They added features which people who use email a lot will need. Thus you will be happier with these apps than you are with the default app. You just need to make sure that you find the app that is perfect for your usage. Don’t get an app that is too complicated for you. Don’t get an app that is too simple to meet your needs either. We have chosen a good mix of different apps to ensure everyone will find something for themselves.

gmail apps

Inbox by Google

No, you aren’t reading that wrong, Google did indeed make another Gmail app aside from the normal Gmail apps. Like we said before, Google isn’t stupid, they know that people want more from their email. They also know that the people who want more are in a minority. So instead of changing the main app, they created a separate app for the rest of us. If you feel that the Gmail app doesn’t meet your needs you will find Inbox to be a very refreshing app.

Inbox isn’t just notable because it is a replacement for Gmail made by Google. Another thing which sets it apart is that Google has put a lot of technology in it. This isn’t your run of the mill email app with a few gesture inputs and a beautiful UI. Don’t get us wrong – the app’s UI is indeed beautiful. It’s just that what’s going on under the hood of this app is much more fascinating than its looks.

Inbox is, according to Google, them taking all the lessons they learned from Gmail and starting fresh. This is important – this isn’t a rehash of the Gmail apps. They literally went back to the drawing board and designed a new app. They didn’t think about what to keep from the Gmail apps and what to discard. The fresh approach does have many advantages. They started thinking how the email experience itself could be better, and Inbox is the answer.

Email Bundles Gmail Apps

Inbox is notable because it rethinks the way we interact with email. Most of us have a daily routine of checking all the emails in our inbox. To make this experience better Inbox places your emails together in bundles. This isn’t like the filters option in Gmail. You don’t have to create filters in order for bundles to work. Everything happens automatically. We are sure that Google has applied machine learning principles for this functionality.

What happens is that your emails get automatically divided into bundles. These bundles have names such as promotions, trips, and purchases. So all your promotion emails are in one neat bundle, and you can just click on the bundle and see all of those emails. This works so great because it shows you what you want to see. Maybe you want to see what new offers are there. Maybe you are in a hurry and just want to see the important stuff. You can just ignore the bundle in that case. You can also create your own bundles.

Extra Information Gmail Apps

The bundles named trips, purchases, and more aren’t just names. They have a lot of functionality added too. You can see your trip information without opening emails. You can set up reminders. You can see all the emails you sent on a particular trip. You can also see all the photos from a bundle, and so on. There are a lot of functions you can perform without ever leaving the Inbox app. The app is miles ahead of the default Gmail apps when it comes to this app. The only problem is that you won’t be able to use normal Gmail once you are spoiled by this app.

Information, not emails

Another genius thing that Inbox does is that it focuses on the information inside the email instead of the email. If you get an email about a flight you booked, you don’t need to check the email. You just need to know that the booking is confirmed. If you place an order, you don’t need to read the confirmation email, you just need to know that it has been confirmed. This is exactly what Inbox does. It shows you highlights of information that is important to you. You get these highlights without opening the respective emails, almost like notifications. You’ll know that your order has shipped or that your reservation is confirmed at a glance.

Smart reminders and tasks

We know, we know – you already have a reminders function on your phone and in Gmail. The reminder function in Inbox goes beyond that. It automatically suggests reminders. It can also understand your commands in a much better way. If you have a flight booking email, you will be given the option of setting a reminder for the trip. If you have a reservation email, you can set a reminder to make a call to them. Here’s the great part: Google will check when the restaurant is open for business and will only remind you at that time. Little touches like that make Inbox more of an assistant based on your email instead of just an email client.

There are many more customization features as well. If you are disappointed by Gmail’s default app and want something more, this is what you’ve been looking for. Just download it for free from the play store and instantly improve your email experience.

K-9 Mail Gmail Apps

Are you a tinkerer? Do you like apps with a minimalist touch that you can customize? Then you’ll love K-9 Mail. K-9 is an open source email client that has one of the most barebones interfaces we have seen. It is the exact opposite of Inbox. Instead of doing a lot of snazzy things it just shows you your mail. If you like to keep things simple you will love it. It doesn’t try to become anything more than the email client it is supposed to be. It isn’t just compatible with Gmail – it is compatible with many more.
You can even set it up to work with exchange servers. Install it and you will see a refreshingly old school approach towards UI. It being open source means that there are a lot of customizations possible. If you really want to customize it, you can even download the source code from GitHub. Make whatever changes you want and then install the app on your phone.

Alto Email Gmail Apps

Alto Email is another great option for people who want a better user interface in their email client. It has an incredibly uncluttered look which is always great for emails. It also has swipe actions. We love swipe actions because they allow us to do what we want quickly. No need to tap and open a menu and choose an option. You simply swipe it one way or the other and the thing is done. Another place where Alto leaves much of the competition behind is customization. There are a lot of other apps and services that Alto is compatible with. You can integrate it with many different launchers, services, and DashClock.

Alto Mail is a good option for people who want an email app that works with their other gadgets and services. It is available as a free download on the app stores and is used by millions of people around the world.

Blue Mail Gmail Apps

Blue Mail is like the default Gmail apps but with some much needed additions. This app is compatible not just with Gmail but with most major email providers. You can also set it up with POP3 servers. One of the best things about Blue Mail is its user interface. The design is very clean and all the important information is always in front of you.

Newton Mail Gmail Apps

The first thing you will notice about Newton Mail is that it isn’t free. It isn’t cheap either – you don’t buy the app, you buy a subscription, and the subscription costs around 50 USD per year. That is a lot for an email client but then again you also get a lot for what you pay. Newton Mail is perfect for people who use email a lot. If you use other productivity suites for your business you will love Newton. You’ll gladly pay the subscription fee because of how well it integrates with other productivity and communication apps and services. You can use tools like Asana, Trello, OneNote, Evernote, and much more without ever needing to leave the app.

Not sure if the app is worth $50? Don’t worry, there is a 14 days trial period. Word of warning; this app is really good. You may just end up spending the money if you get used to it in 14 days of use. This app is specially designed for business users, which is why it costs so much. If you run your business through emails then this will be a very good purchase for you. You can customize a lot of options as well. Just head on over to the app store and download the app.

These are just some of the great apps that can access Gmail. Gmail is a great service and these apps make it even better. If you are confused about which one of the above email apps you should get, get Inbox by Google. It is the one geared towards people who want things to be automated. If you are a power user who runs their business through email, get Newton. If you just want a barebones email client get K-9. If you want an app that you can customize a bit then get Blue mail. Once you’ve found the perfect app for you, you will love sending and receiving emails again.
If you don’t like any of these apps you can always go back to the default Gmail apps.

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