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Benefits of Google Cloud Computing That Will Convince You to Move.

Google Cloud ComputingGoogle Cloud Computing is one of the best blessings that the world has been endowed with in this day and age. The main advantage of using it is that you will never in a single day lose your most important material which is all but amazing. Here are the benefits of Google Cloud Computing.

1. Flexibility

If your business’ bandwidth demands are classified as being flexible, then going the cloud based services route will prove to be the best option for you. Because sometimes, with small businesses, when your business grows, it becomes much easier for you to scale up your cloud capacity whilst at the same time drawing on your providers remote servers to keep the functionality of your machines at an optimal rate. This means businesses using cloud services can have an edge over their competitors through increased cloud services adoption.

2. Disaster Recovery

Stories of businesses who lost valuable files and information when their internal servers crashed are all over the internet and it’s saddening. Most businesses are too reluctant when it comes to investing in robust disaster recovery and this is something that has always fascinated me because it’s one thing I’ve seen as being necessary. If a business does not have the resources to invest in disaster recovery, then they should at least opt for the cloud route as this is known to save time, avoid large upfront investment and give them access to third party experts at no further additional cost.

3. Automatic Software Updates

The other sweet thing about Google Cloud Computing is that the servers are not on your premises. They will be at a remote location that isn’t accessible to third parties except only for Google Employees. What this means is that you will have to only focus on the core aspects of your business without ever having to worry about maintenance. Google will manage the maintenance aspects of the servers including security updates, software updates and any development work. Your job will only focus on what matters the most to your business, growing it.

4. Capital Expenditure Fees

Setting up internal servers in your company is too expensive because it demands a large upfront investment that can hurt your company’s cashflow. This upfront investment is used to obtain getting the hardware, installing the software and hiring skilled people to look after both the hardware and software. When you go the cloud based route, you will get all three at a cost way lower than if you’d have done it yourself.

5. Collaboration

Nowadays, productivity in the workplace is all about collaboration. Your teams should be able to access, edit and share documents conveniently at any time regardless of their location and device they may be using. There is an old saying that says that whatever is done together is done better. When you sign up for Google cloud Computing services, you will get access to a plethora of cloud sharing apps that you can your team can use to update each other while doing their work in real time for maximum productivity.

6. Location Independent

Google Cloud Computing allows you to work independent of your location. This means you could work on a document on commute to and from work via your mobile phone. Google comes with a lot of mobile apps that will enable your team members to do anything from writing an article, planning a presentation or even editing an excel worksheet. Google Cloud Computing just makes everything extra convenient and amazing.

7. Document Control

If your business does not use Google Cloud Computing, then you might as well forget privacy. Every time you send a document to and from a person you’d have to attach it as an email. And depending on the email provider, the original format of your attached document might have to be changed meaning there is a possibility that the original content of your document might be affected. With cloud computing however, everything is kept in a constant which means there is no possibility of your original file getting compromised which is good for your credibility and reputation.

8. Increased Security

The above point was about security, yes but the biggest chunk was on formatting control and privacy. Losing a businesses laptop means losing sensitive information that could compromise your business’ reputation. Now as you guessed, this is bad. When you are using cloud computing services, you will have greater security if this is to happen. Data stored in the cloud is still accessible and independent of the device. The best thing is that you could even wipe data off your laptop by just the push of a button.

9. Increased Competitiveness

Moving to the cloud is that one step you could take to make your business more competitive. This is so because your business would have access to enterprise class technology for a lower price. Besides having access to enterprise class technology, your business will be in a position to disrupt the market with ease and compete with well-established company that have been in the industry for long.

It can’t be denied that Google Cloud Computing is great for your business and can make your team more efficient and help in the streamlining of some repetitive processes. There are many more benefits to Google Cloud Computing than the ones highlighted above. Feel free to share with us.


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