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What’s the Best Free Gmail Desktop App?

Desktop apps are an essential part of increasing your productivity. Either you are working with a client or just keeping your family and friends up to date, a good email app can save you a lot of time of switching between emails. Today, we are going to talk about the best free Gmail desktop app that you can use as a browser webmail alternative.

First of all, it is important to understand how a desktop app operates. A desktop app for your email is just like an email client that works without a browser dependency. It is a standalone application that you can connect to your email through a specific protocol.

There are tons of free and paid email clients that are available. For obvious reasons, the paid desktop clients are powerful with a lot of options under the hood. However, we will talk about the best free Gmail desktop app. You can use this free Gmail desktop app with the same protection provided by a premium package.

eM Client has been around for over a decade now. The best thing about eM client is that not only it has a free option but it also has some great options included. Some of these functionalities are available as part of a paid package with many email clients. This email client comes with PGP encryption support, which is a huge plus. It has live backups automatically imports your contacts. It also works with multiple devices. This way you can enjoy a seamless experience.

Setting up is very easy. You will not have to face long hours of configuration and troubleshooting. eM Client is available for download on its official website. Once you have the setup, follow the given instructions to install it on your device.

How to configure eM Client, the best free Gmail desktop app

I cannot stress this enough that you don’t have to go through any technical configuration. After all, it is the best free Gmail desktop app. After installation, simply enter your Gmail ID and password on the main screen. In a few seconds, it will guide through some basic steps and voila, you’re ready to use.

Once your eM Client starts communicating with Gmail server, it will automatically populate with emails, drafts, contacts, etc. You can then customize the interface according to your liking. It provides tons of options to customize it the way you feel comfortable. There is an easy switching option for light and dark themes. You can customize the way contact appear in the panel. You can adjust sizes of columns. On top of all this, it is extremely fast and works smoothly.

Unlike your browser, it does not consume a lot of memory. If you open a large number of tabs in a browser, it starts slowing down. At times the whole browser might freeze. However, with eM Client, the best free Gmail desktop app, you can open as many tabs as you like.

Finally, you can also use email accounts other than Gmail and link them to eM Client. It currently supports iCloud, Email Exchange, and Outlook.

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