Since Gmail was started in 2004, Google has spent many hours and large amounts of resources developing and improving this email platform. However, until recently, you needed a Gmail email address to access its features, that only existed in a Gmail account. This is no longer the case, because it is now possible to ‘Gmailify’ or use Gmail features in non-Gmail email accounts. Doing this gives you the best of Gmail on non-Gmail accounts. These are some of the main reasons you should consider this feature from Google.

Why You Should Add Gmail Functions to your Non-Gmail Accounts

Gmail has become the leading email platform for millions of people. It’s easy to use, easy to access and includes a range of features that are not available on other email platforms. Gmail is the perfect solution for all types of users, ranging from people who work from an office or fixed location, to people who want to receive their emails on the move on their mobile devices.

Gmail is not a standalone email platform like many of its competitors. It’s a Google product which means it can be easily integrated and used with other Google products and tools.

Gmail is safer than many other email platforms. Its powerful spam protection features filter out any unwanted emails. This prevents many common security problems that often occur with less advanced email systems.

When you add Gmail functions to your non-Gmail accounts, you benefit from Gmail’s advanced and simple Inbox organization, as well as its categories function. All of these functions contribute to a better user experience and a more organized email system for your new and old emails.

A large number of email users have used the same email address for many years. Changing to a new email address is not practical. You have to change the address name, transfer contacts, transfer old emails and notify other people about your new email address. If you Gmailify your existing email account with another provider, you avoid all of these issues, because it lets you keep your existing email address.

Email Accounts you can ‘GMailify’

You can Gmailify a number of popular email accounts from different providers using this app, and not have to register a Gmail account with a ‘’ extension in your email address. This is particularly useful for people who want to keep using the same email address such as their Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Microsoft Outlook email address. These are the main email systems you can Gmailify, but there are plans to make it possible to carry out this function in other email systems later.

How to ‘Gmailify’ Non-Gmail Accounts

It’s easy to Gmailify your non-Gmail accounts. First of all, login to the email address you wish to Gmailify using the Gmail mobile app or using Once logged in, press ‘Link Accounts’ in the settings panel. You will get a message from Google telling you about features it is sorting, updating and processing. Individuals who don’t have a Gmail account, will need to set up a Gmail email address, that they can link to their existing account. If you feel more comfortable using your original email provider, you can reverse the Gmailify process and use the original email account in the way you are accustomed to using it.

Some email providers have more advanced, safer email platforms than others. Gmail is one of the leading email systems available. However, many people want the functions Gmail provides, but don’t want to have to change the email address they currently have. You can achieve both of these goals at once, if you Gmailify your existing email account or account.


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