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The Best Free Google Tools for SEO Practitioners

SEO is one of the most important Online Marketing activities you should carry out, and you should use these google tools. One thing you have to know of though is that if you sit back and wait, your competitors will pass you by as if you aren’t doing anything meaningful with your SEO efforts. This is the main reason you should on this free tools by Google to rock your SEO strategy.

Google Tools #1. Google Mobile Friendly Test

The increasing popularity of mobile usability including mobile phones and mobile search is one trend that many people never saw coming. Nowadays, it is imperative that websites become mobile friendly because this is one of the most important ranking factors now being by Google. This Google Mobile Test Tool is a tool designed to make your life simpler by making it easy for you to determine if your website is mobile ready and easy to navigate through the use of mobile devices.

Google Tools #2. Google My Business

This is another Google Tool that is must have for website owners as it will give you a boost in SEO. Google My Business is there to help you leverage on Local SEO which if used well could rack you thousands upon thousands of dollars in revenue every month. Google My Business lets you list a business listing you can use to provide your prospects with more information on what your company does so they are up to speed. A lot of stats point to the fact that almost 50% of businesses online are found through local searched on Google. My business is one tool you have to use for getting yourself prospects.

Google Tools #3. Pagespeed Insights by Google

Another useful Google tool that is a must to leverage on to boost the ranking of your website for SEO. The top ranking websites on the web take less than two seconds to open and load. A websites loading time is very important as it has a direct impact on user experience, something that is key. Pagespeed insights will give you more information on how fast your website is for loading.

Google Tools #4. Google Correlate

Sometimes you will need to go above and beyond when doing research to keyword data which is what this tool does. The tool is there to help you reveal search patterns that respond with real world trends. This is the best tool you can use if you need to leverage on holidays like Halloween, Valentines, Christmas and others. Besides having the ability to leverage on Holidays, Google Correlate will also enable you to find those popular keywords which are often searched together to make things more effective.

Google Tools #5. Google Trends

This is an underrated and underestimated tool. If you want to know the topics popular in the world, Google trends is the perfect tool for that. You can also use this tool to find trends on a keyword like t-shirts to see how popular they are. Google Trends will give you access to seasonal statistics you can use to determine when a potential product will be popular if you run an online store.

Google Tools #6. Google Chrome

If you had been paying attention, then I’m sure this point made you a little bit curious because you probably questioned yourself what the relationship between a web browser and SEO is. Well, if you had not been aware, then you understand that the Google Chrome Browser comes with a variety of extensions you can use to help improve your websites SEO. One of the best extensions is MOZbar, an extensions that will give you live statistics on the SEO and online marketing strategies of a website live as you browse through the website.

Google Tools #7. Google Alerts

To be effective in implementing your SEO strategy, you have to know how to be a spy and this tool is there to help you achieve that. If you have competitors, you can use Google Alerts to list them and subscribe to be alerted whenever one competitor is mentioned by an online publication. Yes, the results of Google Alerts might not be useful in the short term but it is very beneficial for your long term strategy. Besides spying on your competitors, Google Alerts will also be valuable to you in case you need to track your own progress as a company. Each time your brand name in mentioned, you will be given an alert.

Google Tools #8. Google Voice

To many people, the Goal of doing SEO is driving as much traffic to a website as possible. When it comes to making money, just driving traffic is never enough, you have to also drive the money out of the traffic. Providing unmatched customer service to your clients is key and with Google Voice at your disposal, carrying out this process is relatively easy. What Google Voice does is takes your numbers and connects them to a single platform that comes with a simplified voicemail and rates that are competitive for making international calls.

Google Tools #9. Google Sheets

Yes, there are a ton of Keyword research tools around that you could use and speadsheets are among them. Apart from managing your keywords, you can also use your spreadsheet for creating vital documents like your content calendar, tracking keyword performance, tracking your links and making your social schedules.

Google Tools #10. Analytics

The tool I want to mention for last is Google Analytics. Sometimes you have to be sure of the exact amount of traffic you are receiving to your site so that you plan accordingly. Google analytics is the tool that helps you effectively do that. There are a lot of other things that Google Analytics could help you achieve.

Now that you know the best free SEO tools, the rest is up to you to make things work and get it going for yourself.


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