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Best H&R Block Tax Software You Can Download Now

Let’s face it – if there is a single financial aspect that got complicated over the years, it’s the taxes. Not only they are confusing, taxes actually involve a lot of numbers and details which makes them almost impossible to get right from the first time. Luckily, we are living in the digital era where every tax can be safely filed, audited and processed – all thanks to a revolutionary software, known as the H&R block tax software.

maximum refundNow, the qualities that most companies look for in a stellar H&R block software include safe filing, free audit support, complete preparation of taxes and unlimited support. Obviously, there are still some software programs that are tailored to the needs of particular parties, like homeowners, investors, rental property owners or small business in general.

Today, we are rounding up the best H&R block tax software programs starting from the priciest up to the cheapest alternative.


1.   H&R Block Tax Software Basic 2016 + Refund Bonus Offer PC/Mac Disc ($19.99)

Known as the starter pack H&R block tax software, this $19.99 program is a basic option that offers you limited functions when it comes to federal individual income tax – but is still super handy when it comes to managing simple tasks. For example, you get free audit support, free advice from the tax experts via chat and a 100% money-back guarantee.

Designed for customers who need to control their tax in a simple way thanks to the do-it-yourself technique, the H&R Block Tax Software Basic 2016 manages to get any tax job done with a detailed Q&A as well as detailed guidance on more than 350 types of credits and deductions. It offers great value for money and gives you unlimited federal preparation and printing.

2. H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe 2016 + Refund Bonus Offer PC/Mac Disc ($24.99)

The Deluxe package from the legendary H&R Block Tax Software is designed to help you file your taxes in a secure and simple way. Priced at only $24.99, it is a step higher than the Basic package – and that step is definitely worth it speaking of its features.

From step-by-step guidance throughout the tax process to in-person audit support and expert advice via chat as the basic features – the Deluxe package includes five federal e-files with the purchase of the product. However, it is a package that doesn’t include the state version which can be paid for additionally. After all, this is why H&R has a variety of packages all with different features and tailored to different customers.

3. H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State 2016 Win + Refund Bonus Offer ($34.99)

This H&R Block Tax Software package is a level up from the standard Deluxe package that seems to miss the State e-file, which is here available for $19.95 per return. Basically, this package is the ideal if you want a simple way to get personalized tax advice and a shortcut to maximizing your mortgage interest and charitable deductions.

The Deluxe + State pack also offers the sale of stocks, bonds and mutual funds and comes with maximum refund guaranteed if you feel like that is not made to meet your needs. The live chat and free advice from tax expert remains a standard feature along with the audit support.

Basically, the H&R Block Tax Software Deluxe + State is the right choice for every investor, homeowner or customer who is left with a more complex tax situation. Priced at only $34.99, it excels when it comes to accuracy review checks and lets you import your W-2 while helping you figure out the best way to file your annual taxes.

4. H&R Block Tax Software Premium 2016 + Refund Bonus Offer PC/Mac Disk ($49.99 at current discount from $64.99)

Known as a true bestseller and a choice of many investors, homeowners and customers who need a detailed plan when it comes to their taxes, the Premium H&R Block Tax Software pack comes with unlimited real time chats with tax experts as the main feature, accompanied by the Schedule C guidance and more detailed rental income deductions, tax laws and planning resources.

The most favorite feature are probably the advanced tax calculators. However, there is only one state program download included in the pack and five free federal e-files. The data security and encryption technology put to it will not only help you file your taxes – it will also safeguard any sensitive information in your computer.

5. H&R Block Tax Software Premium & Business 2016 + Refund Bonus Offer PC/Mac Disk ($64.95 at current discount from $79.99)

This is clearly the winner of all H&R Block Tax Software programs in terms of features, however not the standard option of homeowners and small business owners whose focus are simple taxes. Still, it is the most detailed and feature-packed option you can get now – and at the current discount, a great bang for the buck.

What the Premium & Business package offers is unlimited chats with tax experts but also a partnership and LLC, as well as detailed tax plans on estates and trusts. It also covers non-profit returns, payrolls and employer forms. Basically, this is the go-to choice of many professionals who want everything covered – coming with one state program included in the download.

You can import files, learn the taxes step-by-step and have your information secured and encrypted thanks to H&R’s leading technology, all that on a massive discount now.

A Final Word

The bottom line is that the H&R Block Tax Software programs really made a revolution in the tax industry. They are intuitive, user-friendly and most importantly, coming with free customer support and money back guarantee. For the average business owner, consultant, investor or homeowner that certainly means a lot.

We hope that this guide has helped you pick the best tax software for your needs. Good luck in filing your taxes!

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