In the past decade, many indie games have managed to reach an iconic level, but only a few of them stood the test of time like the different Minecraft Games. Despite being launched in 2009, Minecraft is one of the few indie games still in development. With more than 80 million sales on all platforms and tons of players around the world, this is one of the best examples of how you can do a massive game and amaze the community. But you do have to wonder, which are the best Minecraft games that you can play right now?

best Minecraft gamesWe know that finding a good Minecraft game right now is not easy. Thankfully, if you are bored of the regular, vanilla Minecraft, you have quite a lot of interesting options that you need to go through. All you have to do is to take your time, and the value can be second to none.

Minecraft PS4 

The PS4 version of Minecraft allows you to play this amazing game on a console. It features some interesting ideas, including mod support and plenty of interesting additions. For example, two players can play the game offline using the controllers.

This is a nice addition and something that you do not have in the regular PC version. You will be pretty impressed with the value and quality delivered by the PS4 version. Even if you own the PC version, if you have the PS4 console you should get this anyway. The controller experience is more satisfying, and there is a ton of fun to be had regardless of the situation. While there are a few challenges here and there, you will find the game to be very rewarding and fun. It’s a great nod for those that enjoy action games, and it can provide you with hours upon hours of excitement.

Minecraft: Story Mode- The Complete Adventure 

Minecraft: Story Mode- The Complete Adventure is an adventure game inspired by Minecraft. While it’s not a Minecraft/survival game at its core, it does have characters and ideas from Minecraft. It’s created by Telltale Games which are masters at creating unique experiences and outstanding games that you just don’t want to miss. If you are a fan of Minecraft games, you will be very impressed with this one.

Why is that? Because it has the action and fun of Telltale games, but it also integrates a story. Regular Minecraft players know that the game doesn’t have any story. Well, this title does integrate an interesting story that spans over the course of 5 different episodes. It’s a nice addition to the game and it manages to bring in front a ton of interesting ideas. If you are a fan of Minecraft games, this can be a solid purchase for sure!

Minecraft: Favorites Pack 

The Minecraft: Favorites Pack isn’t precisely a game, it’s a combination of best-selling packs that you can purchase right now. These include natural texture packs, city texture packs, and many others. If you enjoy the idea of exploring Minecraft from a new perspective and enjoying the gameplay offering here, you will certainly enjoy what this package has to offer. It’s a great package for sure and there’s a ton of value to be had here. You should consider checking it out right away!


Create is a game very similar to Minecraft. However, it allows you to test your creative skills in a world that’s more detailed. So, the visuals are improved here, and you are free to choose what you want to explore and what you need to do. The experience offered here is second to none, you have stickers, animated objects, elements, brushes, textures and so on. You get all the tools you need to create your little world and mess with it.

Create is known to offer a very good and fun experience for children. It can be a nice game for adults too, especially if you like the idea of exploring new locations and experiencing new things. It’s a one of a kind, interesting title that will hook you with its intense gameplay and interesting mechanics.

Xploder – Minecraft: Diamond Edition 

The Xploder – Minecraft: Diamond Edition is designed to include all the cool mods from PC and it also delivers some unique content as well. It’s a solid purchase for people that still use a 360 console and want to have fun with Minecraft.

They have a huge variety of cities and worlds that you can find here. You can also get new maps that are thoroughly checked for any problems. If you are a fan of Minecraft, then you know that some maps are hacked or they have viruses. Thankfully, the Xploder – Minecraft: Diamond Edition checks all maps, so you always get to receive the very best value and quality. Your experience is great because of that, and you will be impressed with the results at all times.


Terraria is a very nice game that’s pretty much Minecraft in 2D. There’s not a lot to learn here which is outside of what you do in Minecraft, however, the gameplay is different. Since you don’t have a 3D experience anymore, you will find yourself exploring massive 2D worlds full of fun and interesting mechanics.

It’s safe to say that this game is a ton of fun to play. It does have its fair share of updates, and the maps are automatically generated all the time. This means you never have to worry about having a great experience, as you get to build up your gameplay as you go along.

These are the best Minecraft games for all the top video game platforms. If you are a fan of consoles and want to play Minecraft on them, these are the games that you should pick right now. At the end of the day, they are a ton of fun, and you will be very impressed with the experience you can get here. So, check them out, you will not regret it!

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