Using a VPN is one of the best ways to protect Android privacy. As more and more people are switching to android mobiles to keep their online presence. Owing to the growing risks to privacy online, it is important to use protective measures while you use the internet on android. Using a VPN app not only keeps you anonymous while you are online but also gives you access to the sites and products that are restricted in your area.

There are a plethora of companies that offer VPN services. Some come for free, while others charge some money for their services. It’s hard for users to determine which one is the best VPN app to choose among so many options.

Best VPN Apps To Protect Android Privacy

Here in this blog, we present some of the best VPN apps are not only free but trusted by experts in the field. Go through the list and choose one to protect your Android privacy.

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Opera VPN

The Opera VPN is first on the list for some obvious reasons. First, it has a very cool and user-friendly Interface. Secondly, the connection is fast except you will experience some hiccups if your internet connection is weak. The ads appear on the interface every now and then, but they never interfere with your operations.

The Opera VPN app offers unlimited data and it has five server locations. One drawback, however, is that this VPN app doesn’t allow you to operate torrents. Apart from that, Opera VPN is one the best VPN apps you can use to protect Android privacy.

Hotspot Shield

According to the VPN gurus, the Hotspot Shield is one of the fastest VPN apps you can use to protect your Android privacy. The interface is presentable enough and quite easy to use but there are some ads which can annoy you while you are using the app.

The premium package of Hotspot Shield is available at $4 per month. Owing to the presence of other VPN apps that are equally good and free, there is no reason to buy a premium plan unless you need it for some special use.


Betternet app comes with an old-ish interface design. ┬áThe design seems outdated, however, the app is fairly easy to use with features any VPN interface should have. Although there are no ads when you use the VPN, the fully covering ads appear the moment you open the app which can sometimes annoy the users. If you want to manually choose the location of the servers, better choose another app because Betternet doesn’t have this option.

A premium version is available at $12/month, promising better speeds, no ads, and a greater number of servers.


VPNs are one of the best ways to protect your Android privacy. They not only save you from the online threats but also set you free from region-based internet restrictions. The VPN apps listed above are some of the most used and trusted apps around the world. If you want to protect your Android privacy, better use one of the VPN apps listed above.

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