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Best Ways To Create Strong Passwords

There is no denying the fact that strong passwords are more necessary than anything in today’s world. However, creating strong passwords and managing them across different devices and online platforms is a real pain in the neck for many of us.

While more methods to log in to devices are coming to the market such as biometric verification, still, no technology is 100% foolproof.  The best ways to keep your data secure is to create strong passwords.

But, is creating strong passwords and managing them really a difficult job? In this blog, we will try to convince you how easy it is to keep your data secure with strong passwords.

strong passwords

Make Strong Passwords That are Hard To Guess

Creating strong passwords is not a rocket science. Weird it might sound, but one of the ways intelligent hackers hack your password is by guessing it. Yes, it’s true; they don’t need any hectic coding or deceptive tricks to let you click on a link. All they need is a little bit of information about you and then they will try to guess some patterns; such as your birthday numbers, your name, a common series such as 1 2 3 4 5.  Any of it sounds familiar to you? Time to make a strong password ASAP!

The best trick is to use a mixture of alphabets, numbers, and symbols in your passwords. Some platforms might restrict you from using symbols so you to look out for that. Moreover, the length of passwords is also important to keep in mind. The minimum number of characters in a strong password is 8.

Use Password Management Software

There is another way to create and manage stronger and better passwords; the password management software.  Password management software allows you to create complex passwords that are nearly impossible to hack. Moreover, you don’t need to remember every single one your passwords; your password manager will do. It’s a fact that you cannot beat software in remembering things.

Some of the popular password management software in the market are, Dashlane, LastPass, and 1Pasword. You can use any of these according to your needs and preferences.

Don’t Change Your Passwords So Often

While some online platforms might suggest you to change your passwords, there are more risks involved than any benefits associated with it. The biggest challenge to changing passwords regularly is that users tend to create replacement passwords that are easy to type and remember. This is because there are so many passwords to manage and change and our busy brains cannot make a strong password every time we decide to change them. As long as you have created a good long password, you are safe for a considerable amount of time.  So, you don’t need to obey every time when a platform asks you to change your password.


Strong passwords are a basic need for today’s world. However, creating them and managing them seems a hectic thing for many. If you have gone through the tips given above, you will find it easier now to create and manage strong passwords.

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