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Three Best Ways to Boost Online Family Security

Nowadays, when every member of your family has an online presence, it is important to take care of online family security.  The children, and also the elder members of the family are not much aware of the challenges to their privacy and security. Elders and children of the family should know a bit more than drowning themselves in the social media sites and clicking on every link they find exciting. You might wish them to spend some time in learning the ways to play safe online, but while they are too busy for that, you should play a proactive role and work for the online family security.

Three Best Ways to Boost Online Family Security

This blog tells you about the three things you can do to protect your online family security.

online family security


Upgrade all the Software

To ensure online family security, it should be a regular practice for the leader of the house. You should remind everyone in the family that they must update all the software they use on their computers, tablets, and mobiles. While your family is busy doing the updates, it’s a perfect time for you to deliver a short lecture on the importance of software updates. Software upgrades are not merely for the purpose of adding new features or performance improvement. Software upgrades ensure that your gizmos are ready to handle new security challenges that appear after your last upgrade.

It’s a truth that threats to online family security appear on a regular basis and timely updates of the software keep them at bay. What’s even better than a regular software update is that your family chooses the latest OS upgrade. It seems a tough ask, but if done, there’s no match to it. Latest operating systems are the best way to keep away from the notorious online security threats.

Safely Configure Wi-Fi at Home

While Wi-Fi brings a lot of comfort for the users, it comes with a lot of vulnerabilities as far as the online family security is concerned. To ensure that your family is protected from the unwanted online intruders, you must configure your home Wi-Fi properly. First of all, you should protect the Wi-Fi network with a password. The next step is to encrypt the network data with the help of WPA2 type networks.

Most importantly, the firmware of your router must be updated. This ensures that your router is compatible with the latest security protocols of the network. Outdated router models are a definite no-no considering the online family security.

Ensure Strong Passwords for Online Family Security

The third and the most important way to ensure online family security is to set strong passwords. The majority of the online users tend to choose easy-to-remember or fast-to-type passwords. This makes it easier for the hackers who are unfortunately smart enough to break into your online accounts.

The trending two-factor authentication is a good choice to ensure only family security. Moreover, as the majority of our online accounts can be accessed through email or facebook accounts, the passwords for these two need to be the strongest.

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