Bing is owned and regulated by Microsoft. It is a replacement for Live Search and is a well-known search engine. In 2009, Bing powered the Yahoo Search but soon after the deal was altered in 2015. Bing continuously was updated to optimize its search engine properties. Like many of its competitor websites, Bing too has a very simple process of signing up and Bing login. Let’s first have a look at the beneficial features of Bing.

Features of Bing Login

bing login
  • It is used internationally being used in different parts of world in many languages and delivers localized results
  • Bing is equipped with a translator that translates 60 different languages
  • ‘Hero search’ allows users to search for trending or well-known places, objects or people
  • Allows others to connect such as Facebook users can share searches on their timeline
  • Provides numerous information such as traffic updates, business listing, restaurant reviews, collections, movies played in an area etc
  • For sports lover, it directly displays the score from a specific or present day
  • Bing is great for students as it solves many mathematically expressions, checks spelling translates from English to different languages and vice versa, conversion of units, advanced computations etc
  • It provides health information and updates
  • It offers great features such as video search with customized settings, advanced filters or operators, image search with customized settings and video thumbnail preview
  • Includes many constructive features such daily changing of background image, video homepage and much more to best meet its users’ expectations

How to Sign up for Bing

Since Bing is owned and operated by Microsoft, you would need a Microsoft account. The great thing about signing up for an MSN or Microsoft account is that addresses from other websites can be used to sign in such as Yahoo! or Gmail or even Xbox Live etc. But if you don’t have any of this information, the sign-up procedure is fast and simple. It requires just a few steps and little information as listed below.

  • Name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Country
  • Birthdate
  • Gender
  • Country code
  • Phone number

After that, you’ll be asked to verify your account information which is usually through an email or SMS procedure.

Bing Login Procedure

After an account has been made, click on the ‘sign in’ link and click connect.  You can then log into it by entering your registered email address along with your account password.

Bing Login Problems

Login Fails

This is the most common problem encountered by account users. If this happens to you, ensure that your email address and password match or that you’ve entered the correct password and email address as Bing (Microsoft) account is case sensitive.

Forgotten Password or Email ID

Yes, this sounds silly but it happens to almost every account user out there! In the case of a forgotten password, it can be retrieved by providing an alternate email address and following just one or two steps from there or answering the security question you provided. In case you’ve forgotten your email ID, well there is no real way for retrieving that. You can simply ask a friend to whom you’ve probably emailed before and keep your fingers crossed.




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