Following article contains information about logging in to your blogger account from blogger login site at Blogger is a worldwide famous blog publishing service that allows time stamped entries for multi-user blog. It was developed by Labs, which was Google in the year 2003. Blogs are Hosted by a subdomain

It also allows users to host their blogs at their custom domains. Moreover, users can have around a hundred blogs per account. Up till May 2019, it allowed users to publish their blogs via FTP to other hosts which were to be moved to Google’s server later.

About Blogger

blogger login

Blogger is known as the earliest online blog publishing site. It got famous because of helping popularize blog formats which were made by Pyra labs about 18 years ago in 1999. It was later bought by google in 2003 and introduced premium features for free. Evan William, the co-founder of Pyra labs left the company in 2004. Later, google also purchased Picasa which was a photo sharing utility and added it to blogger. This allowed the users to post photos on their blogs.

In May 2004, blogger added new features to its publishing tools. This included allowing users to modify their blogs such as changing font size and style.  Moreover, in 2006, when the beta version of the blogger was introduced. All the users were migrated to Google’s servers and new features were added such as blog publishing in multi languages in French, Italian, German and Spanish.  By May 2007, blogger was completely moved to servers operated by google.

In February 2015, Blogger announced that it has banned users from posting sexually explicit content unless it is justified as in public interest such as for artistic, documentary or educational purpose only. This was later reversed and allowed and such blogs are now marked as ‘adult’.

Why choose Blogger?

Blogger allows users to connect and read from people from the same scope of work. It is a powerful online service to record your blogs, publish and share with the world. It allows users to access its premium features for free and users can add up to 100 articles after logging in to their accounts from the blogger login menu. Some of the key features of blogger include adding locations to your posts using geotagging, time to stamp on your posts at the time of publishing, Re-sizing your posts by allowing users a full control on their preference.

When in compose mode users can edit links and it has full safari 3 support and runs both on Windows and MacOS. New premium posting format allows users to edit the font design and size plus allows image tagging to blogs and an undo and redo buttons for user’s convenience.

How To Do Blogger login

You can easily access your blogger account from PC or mobile app using the blogger login menu. Here is a step by step guide about how to log in to your blogger account

  • Go to
  • Click on the ‘sign in’ button located at the top-right corner of the screen on your PC
  • You will be directed to blogger login window where you will see the email and password boxes.
  • Click on the username box that says email and type in your email ID followed by your password at the box next to it
  • Click on next to continue
  • You will see your account once you log in successfully.

Using Smartphone:

  • Go to Blogger app from your smartphone.
  • You will see the blogger login page after the app is launched
  • Enter your credentials and click on continue to log in to your account using your smartphone.

What to do in case of a forgotten password

In the case of a forgotten password, it is very difficult to recover your account until you have the password for the email associated with your account. You can login to your account once you get the password reset email from blogger upon request of forgotten password. Here the step by step guide to help you reset your blogger account’s password from blogger login menu on your smart phone.

  • Launch the blogger app from your smartphone.
  • In the case of not having the app, you can easily download it from your phone store for free.
  • When the app is launched you are directed to blogger login page. There  you will see the email and password boxes at the beginning.
  • You will see a small link called ‘forgot password’ at the end of the password box
  • Click on this box and you will be guided to password reset menu where you will be asked for your email ID
  • Type in your email ID and request for password reset and link will be emailed to

You by blogger and follow it to reset your password.

 How to delete your Blogger account

If you wish to delete your account for some reason then it can be easily done by following the step by step guide given below, however, remember that account once deleted is permanently removed from the servers and is non-recoverable in any case so make sure you want to delete it for once and all.

  • Sign in to your Blogger account from Blogger login menu.
  • Go to the blog account you want to delete.
  • In the left menu on the top of the screen go and select Settings then click on ‘other’.
  • You will see the option of “Delete Blog” which is located next to “Remove your blog”
  • Click on the link ‘Delete This Blog’ and delete your desired blog account


Blogger is a powerful online tool to write, save and share blogs with user friendly interface and easy accessible using Blogger login menu. Blogger has evolved with time to be a very competitive blog tool and premium services are available for users for free as well while users have option to upgrade to Gold membership and use pro tools to modify their blogs.

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