Can I have two Gmail accounts? It is a huge confusion for every Gmail user if he wants to switch among more than one Gmail accounts. So here we will discuss that how can you manage to handle two Gmail Account at a time. It may be a possibility that the account is for personal use and the other one for any office our project work and you are confused that how to use both accounts simultaneously. We have its solution for your convenience. And surprisingly, this facility is available in every kind of Operating System like Android, IOS, and Windows etc. You can simply switch between those accounts even without signing out and then back in the account again.Though the accounts have different settings, in some cases, these settings are applied from the default account.

can I have two Gmail accounts

How Can I have two Gmail accounts added in different versions?

For Desktop Version

  1. Sign in to Google
  2. Then select the profile image on top right of window tab.

Can I have two gmail accounts

  1. Then Click On “Add Account” option below the already logged in profile.
  2. Log in to the other Gmail Account
  3. Then select the account that you want to use at that moment.

For Android Version

  1. Go to Settings > Account
  2. Tap Add Account
  3. For adding the account that already exists, tap Existing.
  4. Click New, which will allow you to set completely new Google account.
  5. Then add account and open Gmail via logging Google.

For IOS Version

  1. Go to Setting > Mail
  2. Click on Accounts.
  3. Then Click on Add Account

Can I have two Gmail accounts

  1. And then log in your required Google Account.
  2. Open Mail Folder and synchronize your emails from your Gmail Account.

Which Account is a default Account

Mostly the account among the two Gmail Accounts that is logged in at first is supposed to be a default account for desktop version but this may differ for mobile devices. As for mobile devices, the settings can differ with respect to the difference in the Operating Systems used in those mobile devices.

Sign Out your Gmail account from Sign-In page

  1. Select the profile image on top right of window tab.
  2. Then Click On “Sign Out” option below the already logged in profile.

Adjusting mails of Two Gmail account

In the desktop version, you simply have to log in to the other Gmail account by clicking on the profile image of the desired Account. This simply leads to the Mail Threads of that specific account.

In mobile versions, go to the Gmail app and select that account which has the emails you want to see, then synchronize that account with your app and get the desired emails on your mobile screens.

So, the entire discussion concludes answer for, Can I have two Gmail accounts and you can easily use them both at the same time. And the discussion also gives you the entire method which helps you to log in more than one Gmail Account.


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