The Yahoo and Verizon deal has been in the news for months now. There have been rises and falls in the deal. It seems that it will happen soon, but that isn’t stopping Yahoo from improving their services. The latest example is the Yahoo chatbot.

Yahoo Chatbot Cometh

Yahoo chatbot

The fact that the company is about to be sold, they are still working hard to bring their customers the best and latest tech. They have recently launched ‘Captain’ their very friendly chatbot which is aimed at streamlining family logistics. To put it into simple words, the Yahoo Captain chatbot will keep all the members of your family synced with each other.

How to get it

Using the Yahoo chatbot is simpler than most other similar AI; for example, mobile assistants like Google Assistant. The Captain doesn’t require any type of an app or installation. All you have to do is send a text to 773-786 (CAPTAIN) from your soon with a ‘Hi’ and you will get to a very friendly bot that will be ready to help you make lists and schedule tasks.

How to use it

You can start off by texting the bot simple instruction like ‘Add cereal, bread and apples’ the bot will have a list created in no time at all. Now you can instruct it to ‘Show list’ and you can view the content in the list. You can also ask the bot to remove items by giving a ‘Remove’ command followed by the name of the item.

The other function of Yahoo chatbot is setting reminders for meetings or errands that you have to perform routinely. Just simply type in the time and that task that you need the reminder for. The bot will save the lists you create and send reminders to you, as well as your family members.

Group of People

Yahoo chatbot allows you to create groups of people, so you can share lists with them and send reminders to them. But this process is a bit complicated. You have to ask the bot to add a family member to the group. The Captain will send you a link which you will have to text to that family member, who will have to text the bot that code and go through the same process that you did at the beginning.

The process is a bit tedious, but once you go through it, you will be able to sync up with all the people that you have added to the group. Sharing lists and setting reminders for everyone is easy, plus there is an option to chat with all the members of the group. Just use the ‘@’ symbol followed by the name of the group member.

One of the best

The Captain is probably the best messaging bot in the business, an additional advantage being that there is no signup required. It makes group coordination very simple and you don’t even need any sort of extra gadget or tool for it. Even an old school phone will do the trick.

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