One way to check whether Chrome is to blame for slowing down a perfectly good computer is to check your computer’s processes. On Macs, that means checking Activity Monitor. For Windows PCs, check the Task Manager.

In Chrome, click the button with the three dots toward the top right of the Chrome window > More tools > Task Manager.

The Chrome Task Manager shows you exactly what is using up your computer’s RAM and CPU, the two biggest parts that make your computer work smoothly.

You can stop and close an unused Chrome tab that is working your CPU too hard by hitting “End Process” at the bottom right of the Chrome Task Manager.

Google Chrome is one of the best and most widely used web browsers. The various features that have been considered in the development of chrome including its browsing options and the amazing support of the HTML standards have ensured that chrome enjoys a wide range of popularity among the users. But along with all the good features, there are certain things that might contribute as negative factors for the users of chrome, ending up in a list of features that are generally regarded as the chrome problems.

The Problems with using Chrome

Chrome problems

The problems with using chrome include but are not limited to the issues with speed and downloading. In the past, there has been tests and analysis which showed that chrome was lagging behind in terms of downloading speed and ended up using more of the user’s data. Using JavaScript on chrome also proved a slower experience than that of the other browsers such as Edge and Opera. Using chrome on your phone means using up all your battery. It happens due to the slower speed and higher consumption of energy by chrome. This adds to the various other chrome problems that seem to be linked with each other.

Recent Updates and Their Effects

The Chrome updates may seem like a very good feature of the browser and it certainly is, but in no way does it make all the chrome problems go away. The threats of phishing seem to be larger with chrome. The ability of chrome to block unwanted URLs is much lesser than various other web browsers. More of the chrome problems come with the inability of rapid blocking, it adds to the troubles of malware. The fact that chrome fails to immediately ward off the possible threat adds to the questionability of chrome safety. The chrome updates include the best HTML updates and highest scores for the HTML features. But the question about the usage of these regular updates remains to be answered as the average users may not even the different features.

More Chrome Problems

The Chrome problems do not end with the problems of browsing and downloading speed, rather they extend up to the questions about web privacy. This is seriously undermined while using chrome. Google has been known to track the activities of all its users. It develops a complete click by click history of all the pages visited. This makes it a great problem for the users who are looking for privacy. More of the chrome problems are associated with image sharing. The various new browsers and data sharing portal available are seen to be becoming more popular with time. All this has made it look like there are more of chrome problems and drawbacks than the bright side of chrome updates.


In all, there is a constant competition in the web market for increasing the reliability of the browsers. The constant chrome updates may be good for the addition of newer features to compete in the market. However, there is also a need to keep an eye open for the various chrome problems that need fixation.



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