Chromebooks have attracted a considerable amount of clients since its inception. The users love Chromebooks for their light weight and education-friendly features. However, the way Google is working on the Chromebook suggests that it is not only targeting a niche market; it wants to compete with the market leaders; the likes of Windows and MacOS. Knowing some cool Chromebook tips is alway good; you never know when you want to buy a Chromebook and start rocking!

Google has recently announced its flagship models. These models are manufactured by Samsung and they accompany a series of new and exciting android apps. If you ever decide to buy a Chromebook, it’s worthwhile to know about some Chromebook tips and tricks.

Chromebook Tips: Best Ways to Use Chromebook

This blog is all about Chromebook tips and tricks. In this blog, we will tell you about how you can best utilize the power of Chromebook regardless of whether you are online or offline.

Chromebook tips

The Missing Right Click Button

Keyboard and mouse shortcuts are one of the most important Chromebook tips you should know about. The first thing you will notice in the touchpad of new models is that they lack the right click button. It sounds annoying at first, but what if we tell you that the button is now replaced by a cool and easy gesture. You just have to place two fingers at the bottom of the touchpad and there you go; the right click menu will appear instantly.

Chromebooks also supports the external mice which can be connected through USB or Bluetooth. If you don’t like using two fingers too much, you can easily connect an external mouse for yourself.

Changing Functions of the Keys

It’s certainly one of the coolest Chromebook tips. Many a times, there are keys in our keyboards that we never touch for ages unless we press them by mistake. In Chromebooks, you can change the functionality of the keys and assign a function of your choice. For example, you can assign the ‘Caps Lock’ key with the ‘Find’ function. This way, if you don’t use the caps lock key much, you can change its functionality to use it for search.

More Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts not only allow you to do things quickly but also makes things easy. For better user experience, Chromebook provides a list of all the keyboard shortcuts which you can view by pressing Ctrl+Alt. By accessing the list, you can find an extensive range of keyboard shortcuts; many of which might be new to you.

 Taking Screenshots

This is another cool one in the list of Chromebook tips. Taking screenshots on Chromebooks is just a walk in the park. Just press the Ctrl+ Switch Window button, and there you are; a confirmation box would appear, okay that would give you a screenshot in PNG format. The screenshot would automatically place itself in the local storage.


The Chromebook tips listed above are just a few of the many amazing features that Chromebooks come with. If you use a Chromebook or plan to buy one in the near future, you will certainly find these tips helpful.



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