Document formatting with MS Word is easy enough, using its various features and tools. The bullet point feature is one such function that makes segmenting large amounts of data simpler. Word has many different options for bullet points, but custom bullet points can be an attraction for many people.

But how to build custom bullet points in Word? You might be wondering that and here is the answer:

Default Bullets


custom bullet points

The first step is to put the data in Word, now select the data that you want to place the bullets in and locate the bullet icon in the paragraph section of the word menu. When you click the icon the bullets will appear in the data. When you click the small arrow in front of the bullet icon you can choose different designs of the bullets.

New Bullets

These basic bullets are good enough, but to bring creativity in your documents, you need custom bullet points. Select the content again and select the down arrow key in the paragraph section and select the ‘Define New Bullet’ option.

Now choose the ‘Symbol’ option. A dialog box will open, take note of the font. You can choose different fonts and by selecting Bullet fonts like Webdings you can choose the symbols as bullets. Select the symbol you want as a bullet and click Ok on the dialog box twice, the bullet will appear in the document.

It is important to note here that Define New Bullets option relies on the fonts that are installed in Word. If you want more options for the bullet menu, you can go on a search engine and look for ‘Bullet Fonts’ and install them on Word.

Custom Bullet Points

Now it gets interesting. You can create custom bullets from images and here how you can create custom bullets in Word; make sure that you use simple images for bullets because high definition images will not appear clearly:

Select the content where you need to add bullets. Follow the same process and use the arrow button next to the bullet icon.

Choose the Define New Bullet button and in the dialog box choose the picture option.

A dialog box will appear ‘Insert Pictures’, browse the folder the desired image is or you can use the Bing search engine and choose the image you want and press ‘Insert’ button.

This bullet will now appear in the recently used bullets and you can add anywhere in the document by clicking the arrow icon next to the bullet icon.

If the image isn’t clear enough, you can increase the font size of the bullet to make it clearer. This will not affect the size of the text.

The image you have imported into Word will be treated like a font, not as a graphic, so the only way to scale is through the font size option.

There you have it, you have your own customized bullet points in Word. You can experiment and select different images as bullets and bring personality in your Word documents to make them more interesting.

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