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How to achieve more with your Gmail account

In a recent post, we told you a few useful Gmail settings that you can employ for better productivity. Consider this post as Part 2 where will tell you can customize Gmail by using the right settings and enjoy using Gmail.

Customize Gmail

There are billions of Gmail uses but most of them don’t bother to look for the amazing customization features of Gmail. Gmail allows its users to customize Gmail and manage their Gmail account the way they like.  This not only helps them in saving time while using Gmail but also gives them good user experience.


Block Unwanted Senders on Gmail

With the amazing spam filter that Gmail has got, you seldom get any spam email in your inbox. However, there are times when you have to block emails from a legitimate sender on Gmail.  The reasons can be any, either he is some sales guy sending tons of unwanted promotional offers, or some random guy harassing or abusing you. There is an easy way to block emails on Gmail.

As soon as you receive the email, open the email and look for the 3 vertical dots at the top-right of the message body. Click on these three vertical dots and find ‘Block’ in the drop-down list.  You won’t receive any more emails from that specific sender.

Organize your inbox and hide unwanted messages

Gmail has a feature called Labels, you can create labels and assign a label to emails according to their nature better organization. Labels also help you to sort out emails quickly especially when your inbox is overcrowded.

You can also hide labels which you don’t want to see in your inbox. For example, you have a contact group with your university friends and you have labeled the category as ‘classmates’.  Now if you don’t want to see the regular emails from this group in your inbox, you can easily hide it so that the emails don’t appear in your inbox. This helps you clear out the junk or mess from your inbox.

Change the number of items you can view per page

As emails keep coming, you could lose track of an important email that you received some days ago and also forget to flag or label.  It will be a real pain in the neck for you to go through page after page until you find the email. Same is that case with your contacts, in order to find a contact, you might have to sift through tens of pages; especially if you have got many contacts saved in your contact list.

There is a way to ease thing a little for you. You can increase the number of items you can view per page. This will decrease the total number of pages you have to go through.   You can choose the option Maximum page size in your settings to avail this feature.

To do this, go to Settings in your Gmail and then to the General tab. In the General tab, find Maximum page size. When you click on that, you will see different page size options for different items such as inbox, sent, contacts, etc.   Here you can select the number of emails you want to see on a single page.  The highest number of emails that you can see per page is 100; and for contacts, it is 250.

Choose the style of your conversations

Gmail introduced conversations in the email so that the users could easily track the conversation history. There are customization options for the conversations where you can decide the density of the conversation. This means that you could decide how closely the conversations are packed.

To change the density settings in Conversations:

Go to Settings and choose Density display. Clicking on the option will display a series of options; you can click on different options to view how conversations will look at different density level. Choose an option that fits your requirements, and click OK.

In a recent post, we talked about a new update by Google through which the users can deactivate conversation view in Gmail and have a single mail view option.  Read this post for more details.

Put your inbox into an order of your choice

There are several different ways to arrange your inbox order. The default type is a chronological order where the latest email received is on the top. But you can change this type of order and activate an order of your choice.

Go to the inbox tab in your Gmail homepage and hover your mouse over it, you will see an arrowhead facing downward. When you click on it, there will be several inbox types with different orders. You can choose inbox styles where you could see unread messages first, stared messages first, priority messages first, and so on.  Click on an option of your liking and your inbox will change to that style.

This is it for now. We hope you liked this post and the previous one about how you can customize Gmail for better productivity. We all know that Gmail keeps updating and gets better and better. We will keep a close eye on every update and let you know about more added features in the future. Keep reading the blog for more useful tips and trick on Gmail.

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