The other of Android should be ‘easy’; because of the obvious reasons;  it has made everything easier for the users. Android mobiles are evolving fast and each day brings a new and exciting feature to the android phone, which makes them even more desirable. One such feature that has seen many upgrades is the ways to unlock android mobile.

Although the passwords, patterns, and pin codes are not difficult ways to unlock android mobile, but still, there has to be something new, easier, and exciting.


Unlock android mobile

Easy Ways To Unlock Android Mobile

In this blog, we will talk about the new ways to unlock android mobile. We will learn how to unlock a phone when it’s still in your pocket, or even miles away from you. We will also learn how your android mobile unlocks itself when it sees your face or hears your voice.

Unlock Android Mobile in Your Pocket

We always are in a hurry to push our mobiles into our pockets and set our hands free. However, many a times, it’s annoying when you put your phone in the pocket and instantly remember that you had one other text to read or some other job to do, but as soon as you pull the phone out of your pocket, you see it locked. You don’t always want to lock your phone when you put it in your pocket.

The best way to unlock android mobile while it’s with you is to turn on the body detection feature from the settings. This feature allows you to keep your mobile screen unlocked even if you place it in the pocket.

This feature has one downfall, though. The phone will remain unlocked even if you forget to pick up your phone from the table in a coffee shop and a thief finds a way to steal it from you. So, unless you are not very much conscious about your phone security, you can use this smart lock feature. Otherwise, you are better off with the conventional pattern lock or finger scan.

Unlock Android Mobile With Your Voice

How cool is it? The android phones are now as intelligent as your pets and recognize your voice instantly. All you have to do is, train your mobile just like you do with your pet. Say’ Ok Google’ three times and the phone will lock your voice in its memory.  To set the voice unlock feature, you will go to smart lock in the settings and turn on the trusted voice feature. Once you set your voice recognition lock, you will be able to unlock android mobile by ‘calling’ your phone with Ok Google.

Unlock Android Mobile With Your Face

Trusted face is another smart lock feature that saves you from the using conventional methods to unlock android mobile. Turn on the trusted face feature from the smart lock settings and scan your face. Once the scan is complete you can unlock the phone by waking up the phone with power button; the phone will instantly recognize your face and unlock itself.

A catch here is that your phone might find it difficult to recognize your face if you haven’t shaved for days, or due to bad lighting. To avoid any discomfort, you scan your face multiple times in different light intensities.


Smart lock features make it easier for the users to unlock android mobile. If you are not very much concerned about data security, you can try one or more of these features.

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