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eBay Login: Best Tips To Choose a Strong Password for Your eBay Account

eBay is an international e-commerce company that provides a user-friendly platform for the B2B and B2C sales. The company is headquartered in the USA and has recently crossed the $8 billion mark in the revenues.  Owing to its growing popularity in the global markets, more and more people are joining eBay as a customer or a seller.  Just like every other online platform, it is important to keep your eBay login credentials safe and secure.

One of the basic ways to keep your eBay account safe is to create a strong password so that hackers find it impossible to hack into your account. To help you make a strong eBay login password, we have gathered some useful tips here in this blog. Let’s move on to the tips without any delay so that you waste no more time in securing your eBay login credentials.

eBay Login Process

eBay login

Before we talk about strong passwords, it is important to tell the readers about the careless attitude in the sign-up process that may lead to complications and losses. Most of the new users of eBay pass the sign-up process in a breeze and choose some of the easiest possible usernames and passwords. Keep in mind that e-commerce accounts involve money; this means that these accounts will need your financial details at some stage and if you choose unsafe eBay login credentials, you may pay a much bigger price for your laziness in a later stage.  So, it is important to invest some time in choosing the right eBay login credentials.

Choosing a Strong eBay Login Password

Why are we stressing on a strong password in the first place? Well, your password is the door to your eBay account. If any other person wanted to use your eBay account, all he needs is your password since your username is public. With your eBay login credentials in his hands, he can do anything he wants.  He can buy or sell items, post comments and feedbacks on others’ accounts, and worse of them all, he can access your credit cards, and private information such as phone numbers, residential addresses, mail IDs, and other personal details.

To prevent your eBay login password from getting hacked, you should follow the tips mentioned below. All of these tips are no-brainers yet very helpful and easy to follow.

  • Do not use your personal details such name, phone number, or city name, birth date, as your password. They are too easy to guess and a hacker (who can be one of your acquaintances) can hack your account in a matter of seconds.
  • Never share your eBay login credentials with anyone.
  • It’s not a good idea to change passwords regularly. You run out of options and end up using easy alternatives.
  • A mix of number, upper case letter, and symbols makes passwords almost impossible to hack.



Your eBay login credentials are as important as any other online account. Remember that you should never choose credentials any online account just like that. We hope that these tips are easy to remember and follow.




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