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Email Coming to Your Watch with Outlook App

While your laptop, your tablet, and your smartphone are certainly easy ways to stay in touch when you’re not at your desk, they can be difficult to use when you’re on the go; while you’re running or on a field trip with the kids, for example.

If you have Apple’s Smart Watch, there’s no doubt that you are certainly well aware of the benefits that it offers; however, while the watch offers some pretty awesome features and comes loaded with some excellent apps, the default Mail app may not be up to par for your emailing needs. Yes, the default email app does make it easier for you to stay connect via email, but many users complain that it isn’t the most convenient, and in fact, it can be down-right difficult to interact with your messages the way that you want to.

If you have been wishing that there was an easier way for you to stay connected with your email on your Apple Smart Watch, you’re in luck! Why? – Because now there is an easier way for you to access your email accounts, thanks to Microsoft’s new Outlook app.

Microsoft’s Outlook app is smartly designed, making it easier than ever for you to stay connected with those business contacts – and anyone else – when you don’t have access to your other forms of technology.  The new Outlook app for Apple’s Smart Watch is sure to change the way that you do email. In fact, the Microsoft Outlook mail app is so boss that it’s really showing other email apps how to get the job done.

What Sets the MS Outlook Smart Watch App Apart?

Outlook on iWatch

The Apple Smart Watch comes equipped with the default mail app, and there are several other mail apps that you can use with the Watch. So, what sets the MS Outlook App apart from the crowd? It’s the “Focused” version of your inbox that it offers. What does that mean? It means that this app puts the most important email messages that you receive front and center, so you don’t have to worry about receiving notifications for or scrolling through those messages that aren’t of utmost importance. This saves you some serious time and some annoying aggravations.

Oh, and another thing that sets it apart is the fact that you can easily access your calendar right from the app, which means that you don’t have to flip between an email app and a calendar app – another great time saving feature!

Fantastic Features of the MS Outlook Smart Watch App

The new Microsoft Outlook app for the Apple Watch fully supports its iPhone app, and there are some truly outstanding features.

The newest take on an email app offer users an overview of their inboxes, as well as all of upcoming appointments that they have saved on their calendars. Users have their choice when it comes to responding to their emails by either using a canned response or voice dictation. They can also delete or archive their emails, flag them as important, and mark them as unread. They can also schedule reminders for the emails that they receive, allowing them to see the messages at a later time.

Where You Can Find It

The MS Outlook app is located on the Glance menu of the Apple Smart Watch, which enables users to see overviews of their inboxes and calendars with a simple swipe. Actionable notifications are provided for all incoming emails, so you can quickly delete, archive, schedule, or mark your messages as read.

Super Fast Interactions

There are several email apps available on the Apple Smart Watch; however, the MS Outlook email app does the best job at emphasizing super fast interactions. Similar to the iOS app, the Outlook app that has been made available for use on the Smart Watch offers a “Focused Inbox,” which categorizes the most important emails you receive. This is particularly effective for use on a watch, where saving time is of the absolute essence.

Another excellent feature of note is the consolidation of the inbox and the calendar, which allows you to see both with a single view. That means that if all you want to do is check the appointments on your calendar, all you have to do is tap the app, and voila! Talk about a great way to save time!

High Speed Loading Time

Another reason why the MS Outlook app for the Apple Smart Watch is so awesome is because of its loading time. It loads in the blink of an eye, which is pretty impressive for an external app. Also, you have the option to use the pressure-sensitive Force Touch display that the Apple Watch is outfitted with to manage your emails, making it possible to delete and archive your emails with a hard press. Or, if you prefer, you can simply scroll through to the bottom of a message from the same options to see what emails you have coming, and choose where you want them to go.

Superior Compatibility

The MS Outlook app for the Apple Smartwatch is compatible with all the major (and not so major) email platforms, including:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Exchange
  • Office 365
  • iCloud

With this compatibility, you don’t need to have Outlook at your email provider in order to reap the benefits that this app has to offer.

Set Up in Seconds

Setting up the Outlook app on your Apple Smart Watch is as simple as can be. All you have to do is download the app to your iPhone, log into the email inboxes of your choice, and then sync it to your Smart Watch.

Why You Should Get the Microsoft Outlook App for your Apple Smartwatch

If you have been curious about adding an email app to your Apple Smartwatch, but you haven’t taken the leap to add one yet, you really need to make it a serious consideration. Here are some really awesome reasons why you simply must add the MS Outlook App for iOS to your Apple Smartwatch.

  • Get Notifications with Ease. How many times have you left your laptop, your tablet, or your smartphone behind, only to find that when you returned, your email had blown up – and you missed some pretty important messages, to boot! Well, with the MS Outlook app for iOS, you can easily get notifications for your emails right on your Apple Smartwatch. You always have your watch on you, and it’s certainly not difficult to carry around. Well, when you have this app, you can get notifications for your emails, respond to messages, archive your messages, flag them, or mark them to view them for later. Now that’s a really awesome way to simplify your email.
  • Have Social Etiquette. Grabbing your phone when you’re in the middle of a conversation can be rude; however, when you replace that action with a fast glance of your wrist, you’re much less rude because the process of checking your emails is much more subtle.

So, what are you waiting for? Start reaping the benefits of all of these incredible features by downloading the MS Outlook app to your Apple Smart Watch today! You won’t be sorry!

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