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Job applicants often complain about not getting responses from the hiring managers most of the time. But if you ever had a chance to walk in the shoes of a hiring manager, you will realize what they have to go through.  Most of the applicants don’t follow a proper email format; let alone following the job requirement.

Importance of a proper email format

One of the biggest reasons why job applicants don’t get any response from the recruiter is that they don’t follow the guidelines. Job applications, as we will elaborate in the following sections, is an opportunity to put an impression. But unfortunately, most of the applicants go casual and miss this great opportunity.

Most of them don’t use any proper email format. Some go very informal and skip subject lines. Some don’t even bother to fulfill the requirements of the job applications.

In this post, we will tell you some tips to use proper email format while applying for the jobs. This will help you make a better impact on the recruiters.

Have a proper-looking email address

Your email address is the first thing the hiring managers will see when your email reaches their inbox. So, before we talk about the proper email format, it is important that you have a proper email ID in the first place. The email address that you are using to communicate with the hiring managers should look natural and professional. It should not contain any personal information or words that are very unwelcomed in the office environment.  If you haven’t have a professional-looking email address, think about making one before sending your resume.

Effectively use the subject line

The subject line is an important tool; especially when applying for the jobs. A well crafted subject line makes it easier for the hiring managers to sort out the emails and have a quick idea about the nature of the email. While drafting the email, make sure that your subject line is precise and to the point. While very long subject lines are not a good approach, one- word subject lines are also not very useful.

Always keep professionalism in mind

Job application itself is an opportunity to showcase your professionalism and the ability to work in a professional environment. While sending your job application through email, make sure that you use the email format that reflects your professional attributes.  Even when the hiring managers are informal sometimes, it is good to always keep your professional tone intact.  Trying to be funny or witty during the job applications can backfire pretty badly.

Make sure to keep the proper format of your resume

email format

Most of the job postings ask about your resume but most of them don’t specify its format. It is important that you have a properly formatted resume in hand while writing the job application through email. Attach a well-formatted resume in PDF or Doc.


Emails while applying for jobs are a great opportunity to make the right first impression. Make sure to get the best out of this opportunity by using the proper email format. Even if you are all qualified and experienced, a casual or informal email will surely put a bad impression.



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