People are spending increasing amount of their work time in dealing with emails. Before we move on to some email tips and tricks to save time, here are a few facts about emails that will surprise most of you.

  • 80% of the emails that we receive daily are literally useless to our work. They only come to eat up your daily time.
  • Every email reply takes up to 25 minutes of our daily work hours. You might think that you reply to some emails in 1-2 minutes, but the fact is real as it counts the time that you spend to read the email, make up your mind to reply to that email, and then after replying the time you spend to shift your focus back to work. So yeah; 25 minutes per email!
  • Emails that we deal with every day, can take up to 4 hours of our work hours.

Every professional and businessman faces the above challenges. Luckily, there are some practical email tips and tricks that have helped people overcome these big challenges. Let’s get to them without further delay.

Email tips and tricks to save time

These email tips and tricks can save you up to one hour per day. The best thing about these email tips is that every user can follow them; you don’t need to have any extra computer of email tech knowledge to apply these tips and save your time.

Process the emails in one go


We waste half an hour of our daily work hours just because we don’t process the emails in one go. We read an email, leave it for later and then come back to read the email again and take some action according to it. You can save this half an hour if you make a rule in your mind to deal with every email in one go.

Customize your email notifications

If you check email every time you receive a notification, you are doing it terribly wrong. As we mentioned earlier, 80% of the email you receive is useless, so you can customize your email notifications so that you receive a few notifications and you are distracted less often.  You can turn off notifications completely and check your inbox every hour or two.

Use the search bar

Instead of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling to find a specific email in one of your folders, you can use the search bar to find your email.

Use filters to receive lesser emails

Email filters are a very useful tool to reduce the number of useless emails in your inbox. You can apply a filter in your inbox that filters out emails that require no action. This way, you only ‘receive’ emails in your inbox that really matter.

Reduce the number of folders

We also spend a lot of time on unproductive work such as moving emails between different folders. If you reduce the number of folders, you can save time by reducing the number of folders.  If you reduce the number of folders to just two, you can save 8 minutes every day.


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