Learn How to Enable Conversation View in Gmail for Android

Have you added a non-Gmail account to Gmail on your Android device? By default, non-Gmail emails are not viewed as threaded conversations, which may bother some users. The good news is that Google has updated its app to allow for conversation view in Gmail on Android devices.

What is Conversation View?

Google announced in late March 2015 that it had updated its Gmail app on Android, which included the addition of a unified box. Users had been calling for a unified box for quite some time now.

The great thing about the unified box is that you’re able to view all of your email accounts (both Gmail and POP/IMAP email) all in one place, so you don’t have to open multiple apps just to keep tabs on your email. And Gmail still allows you to view each email account separately by clicking on a drop-down menu and selecting a specific email account.

In addition to the unified box, Google also made it easier for users to select multiple messages at once with a checkmark tool, so you can move, delete or mark emails at one time.

Threaded conversation view will group all messages with the same subject into one simple entry, so you can easily move between different emails within a conversation.

The only problem is that threaded conversations wind up cluttering your inbox in the new Gmail app – or at least it appeared that way at first.

Enabling Conversation View in Gmail for Android

Gmail Conversation View Andriod

Google did include threaded conversations in its new Gmail update, but it’s not enabled by default. The good news is that enabling it is quick and simple.

  1. Launch Gmail.
  2. Slide out the menu and select Settings. It should be located at the bottom of the list.
  3. Tap General Settings.
  4. Check the Conversation View

Once you check this box, all your conversations will be grouped together regardless of which account they’re from.

Of course, if you want to disable conversation view, you can go through the same steps as above and uncheck the Conversation View box.

The Benefits of Using Conversation View

There are numerous benefits to enabling Gmail’s conversation view. For starters, your inbox won’t be cluttered with messages and replies to a single conversation. Conversation view simply groups all messages with the same subject into a single thread, so you can reply to the conversation just as you would a text message. It’s simple, organized and a natural way to group together like-emails.

Another great thing about conversation view is that you don’t have to send your entire conversation with each reply. Instead, you can select which parts of the conversation you want to include. This keeps emails short and sweet by including only necessary information in each message. And if the recipient wants to view the entire conversation, they can do so by clicking on the Expand icon next to Print.

If you decide to turn off conversation view, your inbox will reload and your messages will no longer be grouped together. Each time you view a message, you’ll see the entire contents of all replies in the email’s body. Of course, your inbox will also be more cluttered and disorganized.

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