Is Gmail on its way out the door? While we won’t go as far as saying Gmail’s days are numbered, Google has been pushing more users over to Inbox by redirecting them from Gmail to Inbox automatically.

The good news is that if you don’t like Inbox, you still have the option of turning the redirection off and keep your Inbox and Gmail separate.

Inbox users have been able to set Inbox as their default email client and redirect there from Gmail for months now. But the new message being sent to Gmail users indicates that Google is taking a more aggressive approach. It acts more as an “opt-out” than an “opt-in.” And if you want to opt-out, you’ll need to go into your settings to do so.

An Easier Way to Use Inbox


Why is Google redirecting users to Inbox automatically? To make it easier for you to switch over to the new email client.

The message that users are receiving is simple and to the point. It thanks users for trying Inbox, and that Gmail will automatically redirect to Inbox to “make it easier” to transition to the new client. Google includes two buttons: “Ok” and “Turn it off.” As you may have guessed, the “turn it off” button will turn the redirect off, while “ok” will keep the new settings in place. If you happen to click “ok” by accident, you can always return to your settings to turn off the redirect.

Standard Gmail Users Not Affected – Yet

If you’re a standard Gmail user, you likely won’t get this redirect notice. Google has yet to redirect standard users by default, and as far as we know, the redirect message is only being sent to users who have opted in to use Inbox. And it should be noted that not all Inbox users are getting this notice either.

Is This the End of Gmail?

Inbox is the evolution of Gmail, and Google has been working on it for two years now. Inbox is smarter and easier to use. Many people are calling it the future of email. But what about users who don’t need the same level of automation that Inbox offers? What if someone needs a simple email service?

If Google discontinues Gmail, a lot of users will be left in the dark. They don’t want Inbox, and they don’t need it. We can only hope that Google still allows Gmail to be an optional interface.

As of right now, Google is not forcing any user to migrate over to Inbox – you still have the option to opt out. But this may change in the future. We saw this happen with Google Photos.

Regardless of what Google’s plans are, it’s clear that they feel that Inbox is ready to move out of its testing phase. And with Google redirecting users automatically, it’s clear that they see Inbox as a replacement for Gmail rather than a separate service.

What’s surprising is Google has actually been performing this migration for quite some time. Several months ago, a small number of users started receiving the redirect message. Clearly, the response was positive enough for Google to continue the migration in larger numbers.

Is this the end of Gmail? Maybe – maybe not. It’s quite clear that Google is looking to make changes to its 11-year-old email service that now has over 900 million users, and with such a massive amount of user data, Google can now offer a wider range of smart automated features. But at the same time, Google is being cautious with its moves to keep users from leaving the platform.

With Gmail being the core of so many Google services and the Android operating system, Google needs to tread lightly. It can’t afford to make any mistakes.

Changing Your Redirect Settings

If you’re already an Inbox user, you can manually change your redirect settings by:

  • Logging into Inbox.
  • Navigating to
  • Clicking “Other”.
  • Checking or unchecking the box next to “Redirect Gmail to Inbox”

You also have the option of using the Gmail interface temporarily by clicking the “Gmail” icon on the Inbox menu.

Changing your redirect settings is easy, but remember, this option may not be available in the future. Eventually, Gmail may simply be a thing of the past


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