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Firefox Snooze Tabs : All You Need to Know

Experimentation is key to success in the technology arena and even the giants of the industries are taking part in the process. Mozilla has tried this methodology with the introduction of its Firefox snooze tabs. This experimental feature has been introduced recently and it can be a real help if used right.

Firefox Snooze Tabs

Firefox snooze tabs

As the name suggests you can snooze the tabs that you are working on in the browser and then tell it to bring them back at a later time. Where can this be useful? You know when you are researching something or browsing your favorite recipe online and you open different versions of the same text. You want to close a few but you don’t want to forget about them. This is where you can use the Firefox snooze tabs feature. You can tell the browser to take the tab away for now and bring it back moments later.

This also gives your computer a respite and lets you save memory while you are surfing the web. You don’t have to deal with a clutter of tabs on your browser. It’s like putting the tab on a list which reminds you of them after a set amount of time. To test this feature out, you can install it from the Mozilla website. You can also take a look at all the other features that the company is testing out currently. Snooze tabs was among the top ones so it should be easy to find.

Enable the Function

You can enable the Snooze tabs function and an icon will appear in the address bar. It will be a bell icon with a ‘z’ on it, it’s hard to miss. The rest of the process is easy enough, you can select the tab you want to snooze and go to the bell icon, click it and select the time you want it back. You can select a time of up a day or a month even.

If you don’t like the preset timings, you can choose the date and time from the bottom of this menu. You can enter the custom time and date and get the tab back at the time of your choosing. The tab will vanish and will appear at your selected time.

What if you want a tab back earlier than you anticipated? In this case, you can go to the bell icon and click on the Mange Snoozed Tabs option, and view all the tabs that you have put to snooze in the browser. You can change the timings of the tabs in this option.

Will it make it?

This latest feature is very handy and it’s very simple to use. The only problem is that it may not survive the experimental phase and many users won’t even get to try it out. There have been many features that were intriguing but they didn’t make the cut. One can hope that the Firefox Snooze Tab feature makes it out of this round so we can make use of this very worthwhile feature.

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