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How to get a Google inbox invitation

Anxious to try Google Inbox? You’re not alone. To get your hands on Google’s latest product, you’ll need to be invited. Until recently, invitations were only sent to a select group of people who could also send out invites. The good news is that you don’t have to hound people on Twitter for an invite anymore. You can request one right from the Inbox website.

How to Get a Google Inbox Invitation

There are two ways to get a Google Inbox invitation:

  • Request one from a friend who has Inbox. If a friend, co-worker or contact already has access to Inbox, he or she may be able to invite you. Anyone who already has Inbox is given invitations to share with friends. Once you get an invite from a friend, you can download the app on your phone and start using Inbox right away.
  • Send Google an email. You can also send an email to, and request an invite. New people will be added to Inbox each week, so be on the lookout for your invitation.

After You Receive an Invite



Once you receive an invite, you’ll need to download the Inbox app to get started. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

After you download and install the app, you’ll be asked to sign into your account. This must be the account your invite was sent to. Once you’ve signed in, you can then start using Inbox on your desktop computer as well.

Anyone who is invited to use Inbox will receive invitations that they can send out to friends. The number of invites you receive are limited, but more are sent out periodically.

Google Inbox Features

google inbox screenshots

Now that you’ve been invited to Inbox, what great features can you expect from this Google product? Here’s what Inbox has to offer:

  • Bundles: Bundles neatly organizes emails that belong together. All of your promo emails are in one neat location as are your purchase and travel-related emails. You can also create your own bundle to customize the way your emails are organized.
  • Highlights: With highlights, you can see when your packages have shipped and flight confirmations without ever having to open the email message.
  • Reminders: Never forget to make reservations or miss an appointment again. Inbox’s reminders allow you stay organized and get the job done. And you can add all of your to-dos to the top of your Inbox, so you always know what needs to get done.
  • Snooze: Need to put off a task until later? Snooze your reminders and messages until whenever you want.

Inbox by Gmail allows you to focus on what matters most to you. From reminders to better email organization and the new highlights feature, Inbox will transform how you use and interact with your email.

Invitations to Inbox are limited, but more are being sent out each week. Be sure to request your invitation from Google and keep an eye on your inbox. And if you have a friend who’s already using Inbox, they may just send you an invite.

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