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Gmail add-ons That Make Gmail More Effective

Emails are important; but the excess of emails, like anything else, is bad. Too many emails not only divert you from having a productive day, but also drain your energy, mostly on useless stuff that you shouldn’t read, but you do so out of curiosity as the notification pops up on your desktop or your mobile rings a bell. Gmail add-ons come to your rescue in such a situation. They not only work to sort out your inbox, but also relieve you from reading unnecessary email.

Gmail add-ons That Make Gmail More Effective

In this blog, we will talk about how can we manage our inbox and make it more productive (and less annoying) with the help of a few very useful Gmail add-ons.

Gmail add-ons


Continuous email notifications are a real epidemic these days. They kill the routine and affect your productivity. BatchedInbox saves you from sneaking into your inbox every now and then by restricting the emails for some set time and then sending them all in batches.

The process is very easy; BatchedInbox is one of the must-have Gmail add-ons for those who cannot restrict themselves from checking their emails every time they receive a notification. The add-on creates a label and redirects all the emails into that label until the set time arrives. If you want to receive an email from someone immediately, you can make a filter and add the email address in that filter. You can also disable BatchedInbox if you feel you are free enough to receive emails from everyone.


If you are very good at forgetting things, Todoist will save you from the embarrassment by adding a to-do list with your inbox. With the help of Todoist, you will be able to make tasks out of emails and prioritize them accordingly. You can assign the tasks with reminders and deadlines for your ease. Moreover, the list synchronizes with all the devices so you don’t have to worry about losing the track of your tasks if you use more than one device to check your email.

If you cannot restrict yourself for throwing your email to every subscribe-able thing, will save your inbox from the plethora of the emails you receive. While your inbox gets worse than the spam box, the extension helps you to free you from this mess. All it does is create a list of all the senders and give you an option to unsubscribe with a single click. If you have a stuffed inbox, this one is surely going to be one your favorite Gmail add-ons.


Wisestamp replaces the useless and boring text stamp from your emails and replaces it with some interesting stuff. The add-on gives you a thumbnail profile where you can add your picture, contact details, and links to your social media pages. The extension provides a variety of templates and also enables the users to create multiple signatures.


The Gmail add-ons listed above not only make your Gmail inbox more productive but also make it less messy and enjoyable. If you have gone through the list, it’s time to rush to the play store and add some extensions to your Gmail!

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