Gmail alternatives

There is no surprise at all that you and all of your friends and colleagues are Gmail users. Being one of the most user-friendly and feature-rich email services, Gmail is dominating the email world for many years now. More than 1.4 billion users use Gmail not only for their email purposes but also as a login account for other Google apps and many other third-party apps. But are there any Gmail alternatives?

Are there any better choices when it comes to email? In this post, we will explore why someone would want to have Gmail alternatives. We will also look at some options and see if they are comparable to the king of email services; the Gmail.

Why go for Gmail alternatives?

Gmail leaves no reason for its users to think about any other email service.  The email service has all the feature that a user might need during his personal or business email activities. However, there is one reason that has been a point of concern for many users.

User privacy has always been a point of concern for Google users. Recently, Google admitted that it was intentionally allowing many third-party applications to access your emails. This means that Google allows third-party companies to read your emails. Although the ‘readings’ are purely machine-based and they are intended for generating relevant ads, the concern for privacy stays as a valid point.

So, if you are one of those Gmail users who think that Google shouldn’t allow others to read your emails, you might want to look for some Gmail alternatives that are specially designed to address this issue.

List of Gmail Alternatives

The online world is no short of alternatives as far as the Gmail email service is concerned. Here in this post, we will enlist some popular Gmail alternatives that are getting some good user reviews.  Some of these services are paid, while some services offer limited features for free. Let’s briefly get through the list.

Outlook, an email service from Microsoft,  has been there for quite a long time. It was there when even Google didn’t think about creating an email service. However, since the inception of Gmail, the popularity of Outlook has gown a bit down.  About 500 million active Outlook users seem to love it with all its features.

iCloud email

iCloud is an email service by Apple for its device users. The ad-free email service provides up to 5 GB of account space and allows attachments of up to 20 MB. The iOS users love it for the ad-free service and easy syncing of emails across the devices. So if you are an iOS device user, you have a great Gmail alternative; that too for free.

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