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Why Gmail Will Not Be Shut Down By Google Anytime Soon…

Between Gmail and other mail providers, Gmail is one of the safest and most used electronic mail services. There are many different companies that offer this service, but Yahoo mail is the most famous one after Gmail. Google and Yahoo both operate their own search engines. It is well known that Google is the best search engine available on the market. Google’s index that can’t be compared to any other search engine. Google is the most broad and extensive search engine.  It has been in the market for the longest time, and it’s so useful, that it is now a verb in the English language. When you are looking for something, it’s usual to express it as ‘googling’.Image result for gmail

Features of Gmail

One of the most extensive electronic mail systems of today is Gmail.  Also, it offers options that a lot of other e-mail providers don’t. Gmail allows you to mute group conversations and e-mail to help you focus better and avoid distractions. Not many websites offer right-click compability.  In Gmail you can use right-click to open a prompt that allows you to delete, mark as read or archive emails quickly and easily. You can also preview emails using Gmail’s built-in preview pane. Gmail offers quick links which you can use to bookmark emails and searches. You can also log off your account remotely if you think that someone has access to your computer at home. Also, Gmail can also help you distinguish scammers from authentic senders.  It can help you filter through the emails that you might get as well.

Securing your Gmail account

If you are using your Gmail account to communicate with people from work, or even work through email, then it’s a good idea to take further steps to make your Gmail account safer. Gmail allows you to add several recovery options.  A phone numberis used to retrieve your account in case it has been compromised or hacked. Gmail allows you to see the login location, and device type, and seeing anything that you don’t recognize is a potential sign of unwanted access to your account. You can remotely terminate these sessions, and changing your password and security questions will further prevent this.

Gmail’s 2-step verification is one of the most effective ways to help secure your account. This security measure works by asking for a code every time you enter your password. This code is sent to your mobile phone.  Even if someone knows your password, they can’t access it without the code sent to your phone.

Gmail and other mail providers

IM integration in Gmail

Gmail is one of the best e-mail platforms of today in a comparison of Gmail and other mail providers.  As such it offers a lot of features that people might find very useful. In Gmail, you can send instant messages to users using the built-in IM service. This service allows for instant communication.  With the integration of Google Hangout, you can have personal video calls, or even enterprise calls with multiple users.

Inbox by Gmail

Lately, Gmail’s development team released a new application, which was first invitation-only. This new app called Inbox is a very helpful application that helps you organize your inbox better.  It uses smart algorithms to group your conversations and emails. It can help you categorize your emails. It can automatically palce Purchase emails in a separate category, your Trips in another, and Promos in another. You have the ability to create custom categories and Inbox will take it on from there, by automatically categorizing emails you label. Emails are quickly previewed, and you don’t have to open each e-mail individually to see the contents inside.

There are reminders available, that you can create within the app that will help you remember important tasks and events of your day. You can snooze messages up to certain times, and you can even set the time by yourself. This service used to be invite-only when it first came out, but you can easily use it with your Gmail account now.

Compatibility and versatility

Gmail offers one of the most versatile emailing platforms of today, and it can be integrated with Google’s cloud storage, Google Drive. You can attach almost any kind of file in your emails, and the built-in virus scanner can detect threats without them hitting your computer. The compatibility with documents is a big plus, as you can view and edit the most popular document formats, such as PowerPoint presentations or Word documents. Your Gmail account can be used as an online office, integrated with Google Docs where the team can access and edit the documents, with the team being able to see the changes in real-time.

Credibility and reliability

When looking to create an email account, you want to find the most reliable provider, with the most features and the most uptime. Gmail offers this, and it is recommended to create a Gmail account for any email necessities you might have. Google has probably the best servers in the world, and they offer 24/7 uptime, with a great support staff and problems are usually solved within 24 hours.

Security vulnerabilities

Gmail and other mail providers bugs used by malicious hackers to compromise user data and information. Lately, an exploit was discovered that allowed hackers to link their account to the victim’s account by tricking and bypassing the verification system. The hacker managed to do this by adding the victim’s email as his own secondary email. This works when the victim disables or blocks his account, which can be done by social engineers who trick people into doing it. After the account is blocked, the verification system tries to send an email to the account and it fails to deliver, bouncing back the email data to the original sender, thus, the hacker.

This allows him to gain complete access to the victim’s email and manipulate information according to his free will. The bug was reported to Google on 20 October, 2016. Google fixed the bug on the same day. This speaks a lot about the security of your Gmail account, as Google pays a lot of attention to security flaws and issues.

The conclusion

Comparing Gmail and other mail providers the advantages clearly points to Gmail. This email provider is simply the best in the market, offering an extensive number of services. Gmail offers free cloud storage, 15 GB to be precise. This is not a lot of storage, but it is great for storing documents, as they are very small files. This cloud storage can also be used to upload photos from your phone, which offers unlimited storage. Yes, unlimited storage. You can upload all the photos from your phone in high quality, and they will be there forever, free of charge. The amount of attention paid to Gmail from Google is immaculate, and their service is nearly flawless. If you are looking to create an email account, then Gmail account is the right choice.

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