The major search engines are Google and Yahoo. Gmail and Yahoo Mail have always gone head to head with one another in the various services they offer. The war between Gmail and Yahoo Mail has transitioned from simply search services to the email services they offer their users. Both Gmail and Yahoo Mail  offer free email which can be used across all platforms and devices. For this reason, we intend to compare both of the according to Gmail and Yahoo Mail’s capabilities, services, and the latest updates both have received. If you do not already own an email address with each of them, this comparison and contrast will help you choose which one to go with.

Comparing Gmail and Yahoo Mail

Gmail and Yahoo Mail






Matthew Izatt, who serves as the Google product manager, has posted out that they are going to introduce sweeping changes in their iOS app. The changes are meant to make the app way better to use as far as speed and the cosmetics are concerned. The new changes will adopt the red color as the theme for the whole app. The better look and faster speeds promised will likely make the app easier to use as there are a handful of users who stated they were a bit let down by the app design and the speed compared to other apps on their iOS devices.

Gmail and Yahoo Mail








Yahoo Mail

Yahoo has also promised to update its range of apps on both iOS and Android operating systems. While Google will be focused on changing the look and speed of its app on iOS (and by default on Android), Yahoo will be focused on making the app more customizable by users. While one may think that the Yahoo app is not customizable, it should be known that the aspect of customization has been a new approach Yahoo has employed across all the services it offers. Already, it is an impressive app that will seem to get better.

Comparing Gmail and Yahoo Mail

Undo Send

Have you ever composed a funny email only to send it to your boss? We all know how embarrassing it gets. If you have Gmail, however, you can quickly take it back before it reaches the inbox of your recipient. Gmail is the only email service that offers this capability, and many of its users have thanked it for it. Many of the users have even requested that the five seconds allowed for the undoing to be extended since one has to be particularly keen to catch the slim window period. All in all, the provision is one that no another email provider has made to its service.

Stationery Features

One of the reasons people choose Yahoo Mail over other similar services is the ability to be customized across various platforms. The stationery feature is one of the favorites for Yahoo users. For example, when the user so sending an email to a person who is having a birthday, they can send a personalized birthday message that will have various additions to it such as animations and anything else someone would wish to send. The email service also makes it easy to create reminders and other services.

The Integration of Instant Messaging and Email

While Yahoo wins with the stationery features, Gmail pulls one back by offering the best integration of instant messaging and email services. When using Gmail, one can quickly send their contacts instant messages right from their email window. On the other hand, Yahoo requires the user to open another window to access the chat service. Most people have thus decided to ditch the chat service by Yahoo and opt for the Gmail service instead. For those invested in the Yahoo services, chat is among the least used services.

Manipulation of Attachments

Gmail wins the in the manipulation of attachments. When one wants to attach the files they need, they would simply attach as many as they wish. When using Yahoo, however, one would need to open a separate window and attach only five files before needing to add other boxes for the attachments. This makes it a bit cumbersome for some users especially for those who focus send and receive multiple files. Also, Gmail makes it easy to attach all types of files to the email attachments given that one can even attach Zip files.

Organization of Folders

Yahoo makes it easier to create and organize folders compared to Gmail. When using Gmail, one may create folders, but all are still in the same single folder hence losing their meaning. Yahoo wins in this section of the competition given that it offers better folder organization than Gmail. The differences are not very large however given that Gmail’s folders are also very functional in their use. For most users, this may not be a deciding factor.

Size of Attachments

Most attachments sent over email are a few kilobytes in size. However, one may need to make bigger attachments to send through email. However, in this department, Gmail is the clear winner. On Gmail, one can attach up to 20 megabytes of a file while Yahoo only allows for 10 megabytes. Although both services can be increased as per the needs of the user, most people use the free service of each email provider. Clearly, Gmail is the winner here.

Professional Credibility

In terms professional credibility, Gmail is a clear winner. Most of its users have adopted it as their professional communication tool, unlike Yahoo whose users cannot be classified clearly. The winning of Gmail has been majorly due to the professionalism noted by users in in terms of the other services offered by Google. With Google offering a Gmail account as the path to most of its services, it is hard to beat.

The Winning Service

Of the two services comparing Gmail and Yahoo Mail, Gmail comes out on top. Its reputation for providing various services in one package has made it the choice for professionals and others users alike. If one follows into the specifications for each email service prov ider, Gmail would be their choice.

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