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Gmail is closing down Inbox, and we have also heard about some other popular email service shutting down this September. So, it is no surprise that users, who left Gmail and opted for other apps for their email requirements, will head back to the classic Gmail. The Gmail Android app is already a very popular app among the Gmail users, but for those, who are coming back to Gmail after a long break, will not be easy to make the best out of it right away.

Gmail Android App Features

Today, we will talk about some very useful features of Gmail android app. Not only for the new or returning users, but the features we will talk about here today will also surprise many active users too; because these features are so easy to overlook.  Moreover, if you start using these Gmail Android app features, they are bound to make your mailing experience more effective and enjoyable.

Customizable Swipe Options

Gmail Android app

Have you ever thought how good it would have been if there was an easy way to snooze an email or mark it as read, without tapping on the email and doing a series of more taps to get the desired result? Guess what, the Gmail Android app has heard you. You can execute these commands and many others with a simple swipe. The swipe to left or right gesture as we know of in the Android devices either deletes or archives the message; but you will be pleased to know that the swipe gesture is completely customizable and you can assign many other different actions to your swipe gesture.

To customize your swipe action:

  • Go to Settings by tapping three vertical lines in your Gmail Android App
  • Go to Settings option, and then tap on General Settings option
  • In the General Settings, tap on Swipe Settings
  • Choose the option that you want to assign for your swipe action

Advanced Email Formatting

The compose window in your Gmail Android app seems a pretty straightforward affair. But it is not as simple as it seems.  Long press anywhere in the compose section and a pop up will appear with options of Format along with the Paste option. The paste option, as you know, is for pasting a copied text in your Compose body. But what is this format option? It is an option full of surprises.

The Format option is filled with advanced formatting options while you compose an email. It allows you to change the style of any section of your email. For example, you can change the font color; make it bold, italic, or underlined. Moreover, you can change the background color of your email too.   And last but not the least, if you have gone too far in formatting your email and it looks too funky, you can clear all the formatting with a single tap.

Try these too cool features of the Gmail Android app while we prepare some other hidden features for you in the next post! Also, feel free to share your experience while using these features.  If you face any problems, we will love to be of help.

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