If you’re using a work email on Exchange, you can now add that account to Gmail.

Google is now supporting Microsoft Exchange in Gmail on Android. It’s not just Nexus devices we’re talking about here, it’s all Android phones.

The new Exchange support takes away an obstacle for those who wished they could use Gmail for work-related purposes and personal email on their Android handset.

Gmail on Android has let users get email set up from Yahoo and Hotmail accounts for a little more than a year, turning Gmail into a tool for email management. However, they haven’t supported Exchange accounts very well until now.

Microsoft Exchange

Beforehand, email addresses for work that used Microsoft Exchange servers were just available on Nexus devices and a couple other options that use Android 5.0 Lollipop and newer, Google recently noted in a support doc.

Now, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Google Apps or Exchange, because you’re able to use the mail app on any Android product to communicate via email. Google just reported the update in a new blog post.

Exchange support is slated to come out in a new update to the Android Gmail app through Google Play in the next couple of days.

For everyone who wants Gmail on Android to integrate with Exchange, this is a big relief. Venture Beat wrote that there was a way to download a distinct Exchange app. The new  update means Gmail will now support Exchange contact and calendar data, too.

From the start, from the point that Google started supporting certain third-party email apps in Gmail on Android, Microsoft has sped up its support for the Google mobile platform, which included the Outlook for Android launch last year.

For people who only wanted one app to handle several email accounts, including Exchange, Outlook was a good choice and they can pick Gmail as well now.

*Featured Image – Credit Google

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