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Gmail EasyMail – Making Things Easier for Gmail Users

Gmail EasyMail has emerged as one of the most convenient email apps for android users. Consuming only 3GB of space, it is a handy solution to your email problems. EasyMail can tackle both the Hotmail and Gmail accounts on one platform so you do not have to shuffle between the two. A big saver on both time and space, EasyMail is the future of email accounts.

Gmail EasyMail

With a smart icon for your home screens, EasyMail accommodates both old phones and the new ones. It thereby puts up with limited internal memory at the same time of dealing with the speed issues of new cellular devices. What more can one ask for with the simple and easy design of EasyMail?

The designers updated the app on December 31, 2017. It makes handy for the consumer to share location, data, communicate and interact saving time and effort.  In other words, it aids in improving the efficiency and upgrades the effort. That can explain the 100,000 -500,000 installs for this particular app.

The highlights of Gmail EasyMail

Let us see the features that enable this app to convert your Gmail to an EasyMail account.

  1. Accessible at the desktop

There is no need for a browser to run this app. simply access the app from the desktop and operate within seconds. No need to check in to your browser, an effortless click on the taskbar would do the job.

  1. Supportive of other Gmail apps

Are you using different apps at the same time, no worries? EasyMail will help you navigate between notes, calendar, sheets, and emails with one simple quick. You will find plenty of reasons to call it ‘the EasyMail’.

  1. Efficient notification system

EasyMail is not idle regarding notifications. It alerts you promptly and aptly so you never miss an incoming email. The app indicates the emails that are read and points to the ones that require your attention.

  1. Multi-user interface

The most arduous and irritating job is to switch from one account to another. EasyMail makes it a one-click task by enabling the user to utilize five accounts at the same time. Just click from one account to another at the sidebar without logging out. You wanted efficiency and there you go.

  1. A free download

EasyMail is available for a free download so you might benefit from the chance until the time it gets tagged with a price.

  1. Compatible with Windows 10

Besides being user-friendly for your cellular phones, Gmail EasyMail is designed particularly for Windows 10 to make your time spent on PCs and laptops more efficient and convenient.

  1. Privacy settings

If you are the ‘cautious’ type or simply want to be at ease in your job settings, add an EasyMail password setting. The app makes sure no one else is able to have a sneak peek into your account while you are away.

  1. Theme settings

EasyMail understands there are days when you are not in an elated mood or having blues for some reason while on other days you are in a blissful state, which is why it comes with different theme settings to suit your mood and surroundings. Choose among the ones that match your temper or humor.

  1. Open email links with EasyMail

While browsing the web, you can easily open a link and start composing your email via a click on it. EasyMail deals with the rest of the procedure (set your EasyMail as the default type first).

  1. Other settings

Set your EasyMail account with your personal touch. If the ads from the app store bug you, keep them away by opting out. Integrate the tiles, auto start, and lock screen options. Need any help; get support from the app menu. Customize the shell menu and manage the emails as you want.

Some tips to make the best use of Gmail EasyMail

  1. Create a desktop shortcut for EasyMail

A simple drag and drop action would create a shortcut for your EasyMail. Left click the icon in the start menu and drag it to the desktop.

  1. Auto start your EasyMail

Save your time by clicking on your EasyMail as soon as you start your PC. For this purpose, press Win + R on your keyboard and type ‘shell: startup’. Left click on the EasyMail icon in the start menu, drag and release it in the open window explorer.

  1. Set the EasyMail as the default type

Set the EasyMail in your windows setting by following these steps

·         “Open the Windows “Start” menu and select “Settings”

·         In the Windows Settings, select “Apps” and then “Default apps”

·         Click on the app below the “Email” section and choose “EasyMail”

  1. Add a live tile to your Windows start menu

The advantage of this step is that you can have a preview of your inbox at the Windows Start Menu. To do so, follow the steps as

·         “Start “EasyMail” and open the settings by clicking the icon in the bottom-left corner

·         In the EasyMail app settings please select the “Integration” section

·         Click “Pin to Start Menu” to pin the tile to the start menu

·         In the Windows Start menu right click on the “EasyMail” tile

·         Select “Resize” and click on “Wide” or “Large”

  1. Add EasyMail to your lock screen

If you want to have a glance at your unread emails, simply add EasyMail to your lock screen. Your inbox will be updated there automatically, enabling you to read an email at your own convenience. Activate this option via the following steps

·         “Open the Windows “Start” menu and select “Settings”

·         In the Windows Settings select “Personalization” and then “lock screen”

·         Click on one of the “+” buttons below the “Choose apps to show quick status” section

·         Select “EasyMail” from the list”


If Gmail leads the way in the field of the email, Gmail EasyMail is the sprinter version in the specified field. EasyMail is as straightforward as sending an SMS. You do not need a continued browser service to be active with the EasyMail app so keeping in touch with the rest of the world has never been easier.


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