Gmail for work

One of the biggest challenges for new businesses is to set up a bond of trust with its potential clients. As new businesses do not have years of experience in the market to boast about, they have to rely on highly professional business practices to set a foot in the marketplace. One of the key processes to look professional is to have a business email that reflects your business and services.  Employing Gmail for work is a great idea because Gmail services make it easier for the new business to set up a professional email account.

Gmail for work

Gmail for business, also called G Suite, is a paid service by Gmail that enables businesses to have professional business emails. With a nominal price of $5 per month, a newly started business can get an email address by its business name.

This post is a complete guide on Gmail for business. In this post, we will tell you about how can you employ Gmail for work and use G Suite to bolster your businesses.

Gmail for work

What is G Suite / Gmail for Business?

G Suite, also known among users as Gmail for business, is a paid service by Gmail that allows the businesses to have a personalized email ID for their company. For example, if your name is John and you own a company named BestCompany, you can have a personalized email address that looks like

This doesn’t only look cool but also boosts trust among your potential customers. Research studies have shown that having personalized email accounts is the most important thing to build trust among the customers.

GoDaddy, a hosting site, studied the trends among online customers and found out that 75% of the customers consider personalized business emails as an important factor to trust an online business. This is especially true for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to build a reputation in the market.

 Benefits of GSuite

Employing Gmail for work in the form of GSuite gives you complete control over the online presence of your business.  With the help of an admin panel, you can track, monitor, and control all the users, communications, and data transfer. Here is a quick overview of the features you can have by employing Gmail for work.

Complete ownership of the business account: This include access control, privacy control, and user control of all your business accounts

Data ownership: You can control/monitor all the data present on your business accounts including the creation, sending/receiving, deletion of the files on all of your GSuite accounts.

Easy Data Sharing: It gets very easy to transfer information safely among the business IDs. This includes sensitive business data with proper access control.

Greater Storage Space:  Companies that use Gmail for business get double space as compared to the free version. A free account has 15 GB per user whereas Gmail for work has 30GB per user.

Dedicated Support:  Gmail for business users get dedicated support from Gmail. This includes 24/7 live support over phone, chat, or email.  These features are not there in the free version.

Setup Guide for G Suite

Here are 5 steps to set up G Suite for your business.  You will see that you don’t need much technical expertise to set up Gmail for business which is another reason why you should exclusively choose Gmail for work.

1- Register your domain

The first and foremost step is to register a domain for your company. You shouldn’t waste much time in this process because domain names have limited availability and they can be taken by anyone else before you take them and buying the domain from them can get very costly. You can check the availability of your desired domain name on any hosting site.

Businesses can also register their domain name directly through Google. This will also make the G Suite setup process shorter. But it will cost an extra $12 every year from you.

After registering your domain name, you will have to go to Gmail for business site and start the setup process by clicking on Get Started button.  The site will seek information regarding your business and then you will have to give your registered domain name.

2- Add domain users and choose email format

The setup process will involve adding your company mates who will use the domain name with their email address.  Adding or removing employees is also open after you complete the G Suite setup process.

You will also have to choose the email format. It is recommended that you follow a standard email format that you can repeat with every single email address for your company.

3- Domain ownership verification

If you have registered your domain directly through Google, this step is not for you. However, if you have registered your domain through a hosting site, you will have to verify the ownership of the domain name that you want to use with your business emails.

The verification process involves entering the MX records that Google sends to your DNS. Then you will be able to enter these details in the G Suite setup page and remove the default ones. This will complete the setup process of G Suite.

According to GSuite, it takes up to 48 hours until you can receive and send emails on your newly registered business IDs. But most often, you will see that you can start using your accounts in a few hours.

Choose a payment plan

As you set up G Suite for your business, you can freely use the email accounts for 14 days.  To continue accessing your personalized business email IDs, you will have to choose a payment plan.

There are two payment plans G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business. You can choose the one which fits your preferences.


Using Gmail for work is a great decision and if you are planning to further personalize your business email IDs, you can utilize the G Suite offers. G Suite is a Gmail service that provides personalized email IDs that contain the business name instead of Personalized email IDs are very important to build trust and reach more customers for small to medium-sized businesses.

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