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Gmail Go App – Information and Tips

The Gmail Go app is available on Google Play Store now. It is good news for all the Gmail users whose phones are not very fast or lag at loading heavy apps.

Gmail go app

Let’s agree on this; not all of us have the iPhones, Pixel phones and all the other flagship models with us. Or even if we have, why use heavy apps when we have a lighter and better alternative?  Many of us have budget phones and they come with their limits; which means they will have limited RAM, processing speed, and memory. This means that they will crash every time we try to run a heavy app.

Google knows this; well what does Google not know? So it came with a series of lighter apps called Go Apps that doesn’t take too much memory to process and run.  The Gmail Go app is the latest in the series of Go apps.  Right now, the Gmail go app is available in Android 8.1 version, and other versions will come very soon.

Looking at the features of Gmail Go, one wonders why Google launched a heavier version earlier if they could build a lighter version. The app has all the main features of normal Gmail app such as supporting multiple accounts and synching other email accounts from Yahoo, Hotmail, and other email providers.

What Makes Gmail Go App Better?

The first thing that makes the Gmail Go app stand out is the size. The apk file size of the normal Gmail app is 20.66 MB, whereas the Gmail Go has 9.51 MB. When you install the app, it takes only 25 MBs of your phone space; the normal app takes 45 MB. One might think that cutting the memory chunk means reducing the feature of the app, which is not the case here. As mentioned earlier, the new app has all the basic and advanced features available.

You will have the conversation view, as you have in the normal version; this means that the Gmail Go app, despite being much lighter in size, has the ability to group the emails and show them as a conversation on the interface.

With Gmail Go app, you can sort your email with respect to their functions under different tabs. For example, you can categorize emails under tabs such as personal, official, promotional, social, and so; so that you could set the priorities to the email according to their importance.

The Gmail Go Interface Design

When we look at the design of the Gmail go app interface, we will hardly see any difference. The only difference is the change in the display of user profile.  In the new app, you will see the profile photo and background image on top of the title bar.

Email Safety

Gmail has always been at the forefront when it comes to working for the security of its users; in terms of privacy and data security. The Gmail Go seems to be built on the algorithms that effectively sort spam emails and sends them to the spam folder. These security filters and algorithms apply to all the emails from Gmail as well as other service providers. Moreover, if you see any spam email that has managed to come into your inbox, you can always mark it as spam. So, we can say that Gmail Go is as safe as the normal Gmail.

Are there any Shortcomings?

The initial release of the Gmail Go app is only for the Android 8.1 version.  So, for now, you should have the latest phone model that supports the latest Android version, which kills the very purpose of the app which is accommodating budget phones and devices.

This shouldn’t be a shortcoming but we know that majority of the global users won’t be benefiting from this new app until more versions are released. The Alphabet Inc. will have to release the iOS version as well as for the other versions of Android.


There have been some complaints about the Gmail Go app lagging. While we know that the app has just been released and there will surely be updated to ensure better performance, the lags in the initial version will put a negative impact on the users and the company must address this issue as soon as possible.  A user would rather prefer a heavier app that runs smoothly than an app that is lighter in size but lags in performance.

Moreover, there hasn’t been an official awareness campaign by Google about this lighter version of Gmail. We don’t know the exact reasons yet, but you might feel that Google has silently rolled out the app to the public to get feedback from the initial few users and also to check the app for any bugs and performance issues.  Once the app passes this initial phase, we might see more prominence for the Gmail go app.  If the app works well, we might even see the Gmail Go as the exclusive email app. We don’t see a readdson why should the Gmail Go app not be the exclusive app not be the first choice.


The Gmail Go app is yet another exciting addition to a series of Go Apps that aim to reduce the size requirements of normal phones.

These Go apps are smaller in size and run faster. The features of the new Gmail Go app are almost same as the original app.  You will have all the basic and advanced features such as email sorting, conversation features, and email filtering for spam.  Although the app is compatible with the devices running Android 8.1 only, we will surely see more versions of the app; which will accommodate most of the Android and iOS devices.

If you use a budget phone with limited RAM, memory, and processing speed, the Gmail Go app is best for you. Even if you have a good phone, you might want to use the new app because why use a heavier app if a lighter and better version is available.

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