Gmail users have waited for quite long until some big changes were made to the Gmail design and features. The Gmail update in April was the biggest in years and brought some big changes to the interface as well as how Gmail works. We now have new set of features for the users and also have some advanced security features that a general user doesn’t see much while using Gmail on a daily basis. The Gmail new vs old version is a comparison of the Gmail before April and Gmail after April.

The new Gmail looks slightly different as soon as you log into your account. The fonts are a bit brighter and larger as compared to the old version. Moreover, there are improvements in the color combinations and the icons’ structure and design.  Overall the new interface is better in looks.


The New Gmail

And here is how the Gmail looks.  We are sure you can spot a few differences right away.

Three different Views

There is an option to choose from three different types of inbox views. As soon as you switch to the new version, you will have the option to choose from default, compact, and comfortable.  These three views differ in the way every email is allocated space in your Gmail interface. For example, the default view displays attachments and the file types of the attachment below the email when an attachment is there. However, the comfortable view only has the attachment icon displayed with the incoming email indicating that there is an attachment. The compact, as the name suggest, is the most compact view of your inbox.

The Gmail Sidebar

We are not talking about the sidebar on the left that contains folders such as Inbox, drafts, sent, etc. We are talking about a brand new sidebar that lies on the right side of your Gmail screen. If you are using the updated version of Gmail, you will notice that Google has added a sidebar on the right side of the screen that contains GSuite apps which you can access while staying in your Gmail.

The Gmail sidebar contains three apps by default; these apps include Tasks, Calendar, and Keep.  You can also add third-party apps and other GSuite apps to your Gmail sidebar according to your requirements.  To add an app to your sidebar, click on the plus sign at the bottom of the side bar.  A new window will appear containing the apps; you just have to select the app that you need and install it on your Gmail sidebar.


So this was our Gmail new vs old version.  A detailed post on the new update has been posted earlier. You can go through that to know about all those features that have been added and the improvements that have been done to the Gmail.

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